Friday, May 03, 2013

iPhone-o-Gram!! Stringing Along in Maine!

It's the first day of workshops with the Pine Tree Quilters of Maine!

Our class is in Bangor today--first time I've been here and the weather is glorious!

36 machines humming--scraps and strings flying.

I'm cracking up at how quickly this table turned from neat to scrappy reckless abandon! Fun!!


  1. I have 100 string squares and I'll be ready to put the top together. I started in March at the Indiana Heritage Quilt show.

  2. They all have on short sleeves, and it's freezing here!

  3. I think I see my friend Mary Ann....am sure she is having a wonderful time. She was so excited when we spoke yesterday.

  4. Oh a nice big group.....hey it's only 60 rainy, degrees here at coastal NC.

    Happy Sewing

  5. Hi to all the Maine Folks, wish I was there will be there this summer. Bonnie is awesome, enjoy.

  6. Anonymous4:24 PM EDT

    ISH I WAS THERE TOO lol. Tlk abut a rockinggroup.. Making awomderful quilt? Maine has it this tikme.

    Havefun, eat lobster poorboys/hoagies/subs ..whatever they call them. YUMMY FOOD

    Smiles, JulieinTB

  7. Love seeing all the happy quilters enjoying your expertise of quilting.

    What is the name of the quilt at top of page? Doesn't look like string blocks.

  8. I'll be the one making the mess on Sunday--can't wait!

  9. It looks so fun! Sorry ladies, it is 80 degrees in Portland Oregon. To hot for me. I am a rain and 68 degree person.

  10. They do all have smiles as is common in one of Bonnie's workshops! Enjoy


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