Friday, May 24, 2013

Quilt-Cam 5/24/2013!

This is Marion!  It looks like she has a good excuse not to be sewing….so instead she was watching ME treadle away!

She writes: 

had a small accident and am forced to keep my leg up high, so enter nurse quiltcam see attached photo of her on duty on my computer
I hope you are feeling much better by now Marion! It’s been about 9 days since you sent this photo from our last Quilt-Cam session!

This session tonight is proving to be a bit interesting – Google has changed their google talk software within GMail and it has affected the plug in that google hangouts runs through….I can’t get it to work on the OLD laptop that I’ve been using for Quilt-Cam – so I pulled down the newer laptop and have been frantically installing software hoping it will work!

I’m ready to sew bindings tonight…it’s not going to be an exciting job, but one that needs to happen around here…there will be lots of hand binding in the evenings in my near future too!

Got something to sew?  BRING IT!

dancingnines 024

Two baby quilts getting binding!

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  1. I'm binding tonight too! I am making a gift for my hubby for our anniversary. I can't say what it is yet...he may drop by to visit QuiltCam and we don't want to spoil the surprise!

  2. Working on my Scrappy Trip Around tonight. Great to have you for company!!! I expect to get a lot of sewing done this weekend. Weather forecast is rainy and raw!!! Great sewing weather!!! LOL

  3. Am finally watching you live from Horsham Australia, with my hexagons and also loading a book to put on my iPod multi-tasking today thanks for the tips on the binding. Pauline

  4. Hi Bonnie! I'm happy to see you using that model Singer tonight! I purchased one identical to it at a yard sale last week for $25 and it runs like a dream, and has all of it's cams I just had to play with the tension a little. I have enjoyed watching you make the baby quilts, they are beautiful. Thanks for all your inspiration!!
    Cindy in So. Carolina

  5. Contemplating my next project. Found out today I have a great niece that's sporting a new engagement ring, so need to start a wedding quilt. Thinking about a Double Wedding Ring. Have you ever made one? Do you know of a good pattern?

    1. Hi Christy,
      I am making the "rings that bind" its an easy way of making a double wedding ring with no curved seams:) This is only my second quilt ever and I am taking it slowly but its a great pattern and there is a video on youtube, Hope this helps! Pattern by Cheryl Phillips (sorry if im not supposed to say others names here, didn't want to get in trouble for not giving credit). I am waiting anxiously for my Bonnie Hunter book to arrive:)Love everything you do for us all Bonnie and tonights, last night I watched it afterwards, was extra great for me as I am about to bind my first Queen size quilt (first quilt ever)! For my DH to take with him as he works away a lot. Julie

  6. Hello From Mt. Calm Texas. We are at a quilt retreat with thirty of our closest friends sewing away for four days. Enjoying quilt cam with you and introducing some to Quilt Cam. Enjoy your weekend! Vanya, Dennie andPat

  7. Please say hello to the Piecemakers group like Romper Room we love it when you say our name. Thanks, Vanya

  8. Hi Bonnie,

    Checking in from rainy Central Alberta this evening. We need the rain, and it's perfect quilting weather, as there is no pull to be out in the garden. :-) Assembling 6 1/2" blocks to make a two-colour Hunter Star throw for a birthday gift for a dear non-quilting friend. The pattern came from "American Patchwork and Quilting" - June 2006 -- making it 1/2 size of the original, as all fabric is from stash. Such fun having my machine hum along with yours. :-)

  9. Finally caught you live on Quilt Cam! Really love how the baby quilts came out. Your such a good Auntie!

    Having fun going through strings for a spider web quilt. Love being able to sew along with you!

  10. Waving from Ireland. Jet lag is keeping me awake and decided to join you. See you soon in Galway.

  11. Hi Bonnie, I am watching from Newfoundland, Canada! Love your quilts!


  12. Hello Bonnie. Love watching Quilt Cam and especially like that I can catch it on YouTube if I don't get a chance to see it live. Bindings are actually one of my favorite parts of putting the quilt together. I love having hand sewing projects for evenings while watching TV. I am working on a quilting my black and yellow jelly roll quilt in a fan pattern (seen on your blog) with my new Morgans no slip hoop.

    PS - 88 degrees here earlier in the week and tonight possible frost! Gotta love Pennsylvania weather!


  13. Anonymous9:22 PM EDT

    Hello Bonnie from Drizzly Delaware. I am working on the final portion of quilting using my domestic sewing machine. Been at the quilting since Tuesday; but hope to be ready to bind tomorrow! Love to stitch along with you.

  14. how did the grass green Elna handle the trip home? Hope to see "Hotlips" in action one of these Quilt cams . So jealous :)

  15. Evening Bonnie! Working on binding a grad quilt for nephew. Then on to working on one of two wedding quilts that need to be done before July. Busy busy busy. Love the looks of the baby quilts. So cuddly looking!

  16. Hi Bonnie! Working on putting a repaired quilt back together tonight! I also have a quilt on my mid-arm, what type/brand/weight of thread would you suggest for quilting? Looking to purchase some thread to get started :) Thanks so much for quilt cam, always enjoy watching.
    Mal from Indiana

  17. Hi Bonnie. Working on Lazy Sunday. Have everything cut for the block revealed in the latest issue and am piecing away Maybe you could do a links party for everyone to share. I know the reveal and am being very careful not to over share!

    Big hugs.


  18. It seems every time I turn around, another baby quilt is needed. I have recently completed three and still need two more. Taking a break this evening from babyland, and took out Lazy Sunday.

  19. Hi Bonnie,

    Hello from Idaho, I'm sewing on my White Singer Feathwieght while on vacation in Park City, Utah. I'm using your scrappy ideas to make my patriotic quilt.
    I love watching you on quilt cam. I NOW HAVE A PINKK ATLAS SEWING MACHINE.


  20. I am working on getting the second step of Lazy Sunday done before the 3rd on shows up in the mail! Kind of neat how much more accurate my shaded four patches are for this than for Easy Street! Used Easy Angle to cut the HST's and they have gone together so much better! My ironing board is getting filled up with quilt block pieces that need to be pressed before going to next step on 3 different mystery quilts. One is a UFO from 1997-time to move it up and out! Other is just finished mystery from QCA-very small pieces :(. Sew glad you are doing quilt cam tonight-I can actually make progress.

  21. Something happened. My screen went black and it said an error occured. Not sure if it is my end or yours......

  22. Hi Bonnie! I am working on my Easy Street quilt. Putting on the borders. My quilt has been in limbo, but today was my last day at work for the year (I'm a teacher.) It seems like every time you have Quiltcam lately I have not been able to participate, so I am very glad to be able to jump back in!
    Julie from Alabama

  23. Nevermind.... it is back on now!!

  24. Do you ever machine stitch your bindings closed instead and hand finishing them?

  25. Thanks, Bonnie, for the awesome tips for joining the binding! I haven't seen anyone cut the binding strips to size before joining them. You make it look so much easier! Thanks. I will try your method soon!

  26. OMG!!! I love your shirt!!!! what a hoot!! I'm working on a "love letter" pattern tonight, since I have over 300 half square triangles that were leader and enders,,, I feel obligated to be vigilant with them since i'm the "Lyn H" on the back of your leader and ender book,,, gotta keep up with them,,,tee hee...

    love the baby quilts, and I know the moms and dads will, too,,, how wonderful to have Great Grampas shirts in there, be still my heart!!!
    thanks for all the inspiration!!! granny lyn

  27. The Mary Ellen Hopkins DWR pattern works really well if you can find it. I think it dates back to the 80s or maybe early 90s.

  28. I should be tucking threads on my wallhanging but am watching you doing your binding. I like the way you do your binding and have tried following your binding directions but was never sure how to do the end. I understand it now that I watched you do it.

    I'm thinking about making my Easy Street top into a bedspread for summer instead of a quilt. Have your done that without putting batting in. Any suggestions?

  29. Anonymous10:05 PM EDT

    Hi, Bonnie. You're much braver than I am! I always write on my label before I sew it to anything. I don't want to make a mistake in my writing and have to re-do the label once it's been attached.

    A quick question--Why did you lengthen your stitch length when you got to the label?

    I'm hand sewing a binding tonight. Not feeling so great, so having some hand sewing is nice during quilt cam. Thanks for sharing your sewing time!


  30. My sister
    Irene was excited to win your book tonight at
    C symposium.. thanks.

  31. Bonnie - you have simplified something that I always have trouble with - joining the binding - I'm going to try it tonight! On a scrappy quilt - so if it doesn't work the way I do it I can join another bit!

  32. I am watching you from New Zealand where it is time to cook dinner...but I'd rather join you. It's Saturday here and it is really cold. I found a wee owl tutorial on pinterest and I have made a parliament of them. He who is waiting for his dinner suggested putting weights in them to make paperweight pincushions...so I bought some fishing sinkers and they work well. I love your blogs and read it daily. Thank you for your generous spirit!

  33. Bonnie,

    Why not try machine stitching your bindings? All that hand stitching would drive me nuts so I do all my bindings on hand machines - easier than treadles for binding because you can stop and start and go extra slow - with the second line of stitching worked form the front. I've shown the method on a Youtube vid. I do a single thickness binding to cut down on bulk, but there's no reason why you couldn't do a double thickness binding using the same method.

    Ireland next month... excited yet? PACK YOUR WOOLLY JUMPERS AND RAINCOAT. We are having an exceptionally cold spring with winds coming from the wrong direction, North East instead of South West. Warn all the ladies travelling with you.

    Love from blinking freezing South West England,

  34. Bonnie!
    Thank you for teaching me your binding technique...I could do it all before, but I never could connect the ends on diagonal. How you explained and showed last night allowed me to do two bindings today. I am a hand stitcher of binding too and it is the icing on the cake/quilt for me. Congrats on finding a cabin contender. It is beautiful. Blessings, Paula in Omaha

  35. Hi Bonnie, it was Saturday morning here in Australia, so I sat in the sun outside, enjoying a mild late Autumn day and crocheting a lovely light weight shawl. With the new software I can watch you live, before, it seemed to start from the beginning! Glad your cabin searching is coming up trumps. Eddie in cooling down but beautiful Tasmania

  36. Hello bonnie. Happy binding from France. The 2 "little" baby quilts are awesome.


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