Monday, May 27, 2013

EQ FRUSTRATIONS! Calling all EQ Warriors!

**UPDATE!** Problem SOLVED!

I received the following from Judy who writes: 
"Comments:     I think to do more than 24 blocks in a border that you need to change your default settings.  
Currently they are probably set at 24.
Do:  Quilt>Quilt Table Options     then click the "all styles" under "Layout options"     then change the value in "max number blocks horiz and vert" from 24 to whatever you want.
I know you are good with a computer so I didn't take this down to total detail.  Let me know if I can be of further assistance.
 I enjoy you very much - thank you for all you do for us."

Now I feel pretty stupid.....but thanks for the learning!

Previously I wrote in frustration:

All quilts are NOT square – and I’m having a hard time drawing out a border in EQ that is SO SIMPLE it should not cause me problems!

My quilt is set 4 X 5 with sashings and inner border as shown below.

I have NO trouble breaking down the inner top and bottom borders to do what I need them to do.  There are 23 bricks and 2 cornerstones.

This is where things get crummy – and why I’ve always been frustrated with this program.  EQ limits me to 24 block divisions in the side borders..and I need 26!  24 will just not work because of the design and what I want to do to the side of those sashing cornerstones to complete the design.


SOMEONE out there HAS to have some info for me on what to do…because this is just stupid.  All quilts are NOT square.  All quilts should not be limited to 24 border divisions!

You can see on the top and bottom borders that the bricks line up with the cornerstones…but those side borders need TWO MORE to make it work!

I am pulling my hair out….please, EQ Warriors – help me put it back in again!

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  1. Which border style are you using? I've tried several different ones and I can get up to 100 blocks in the borders. There must be a preferences setting somewhere that controls this.

  2. Hi Bonnie,

    You can change the number of blocks.
    From the menu go to Quilt, quilt worktable options. Go to Layout Options, All styles.
    Then you get Block Options and there you can change the number of block. The default is 24 but you can choose any numer between 24-100.

    Hope this helps.


  3. Go to Quilt Worktable Options and click on Layout Options>All Styles. There you'll find under Block Options "maximum number of blocks horizontally and vertically". It looks like it defaults to 24. Change it to 100.

  4. you can change your default setting..... ahh someone already answered that :-)

  5. Thank you for asking this! I am just learning in EQ6 and had the same problem! Now I know how to change this thanks to the responses above!

    Sandy A

  6. It is nice to know I am not the only one who gets frustrated with EQ, I am still learning. Is there a website or blog for EQ beginners who have questions? Thanks for letting me ask and good luck, hope you get it too work.

    1. There are two email lists, a forum and you can always call the office during business hours. Go to http://electricquilt.com/ and click on support. Happy designing!

  7. TammyR,
    There are quite a few things out there to get started. Beaquilter above has some tutorials on her blog, there is Quilt University, and even the EQ website where you can do learning. AND within the program is a tutorial. Look at your toolbar, go to Help - Videos .. that's a great place to get started.

    Dee in AR

  8. I am at least two EQ's behind. Never kept my update going. Dare I even do it now? Wondering when the NEXT update will be.

  9. Even when you are having problems, we learn from your blog! I've had this same problem and thought there should be a solution but couldn't figure it out. Thanks for asking and thanks to those who answered.

  10. The info-EQ list is wonderful, most questions will be answered with great explanations, often by Penny from EQ.
    I think you can access it from the EQ website.

  11. Anonymous7:02 AM EDT

    OH NO, and I have an EQ I have NOT OPENED ....lol, ow I am afraid all over again lol

  12. Our Bee had that same issue but after playing with EQ long enough our resident expert in EQ said oh wait we need to go change the settings.
    And it worked. I'm learning slowing how to maneuver in EQ.


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