Thursday, May 09, 2013

New York Bound!

I’m sitting in at the gate waiting for my flight to……..drum roll…….NOT NEWARK!  I’ll be in Glen’s Falls with the Wings Falls Quilters Guild.

I was surprised this morning when my boarding passes printed out and I am flying through Washington, Dulles on my way to Albany this morning.  I *DO* hit Newark on the way home on Sunday, so that’s why I had Newark on the brain. 

And I’m happy to say that I’ll be home by 3pm on Sunday and still get to enjoy some Mother’s Day love with my family.  Jason is coming up to spend some time with his Dad this weekend, and see about building me a bigger faster computer with more storage.  LOTS OF STORAGE!

I have a few more goodies to share with you from Maine this morning.  I just keep discovering more photos of more great antique beauties, and I never get tired of seeing them.

It’s seeing the wonderful hand quilted stitches and the texture that they give that has me really wanting to get back to my hand quilting.

Maine_May2013 062
I’m usually not one for Sun Bonnet Sue – not that I’ve got anything against her, but I have BOYS ---however, this pair of quilts was so well done, and so heavily quilted that I had to stop and take notice.  Do you see that appliqued tulip border?

There were too “similar” quilts, but one was quilted differently than the other….this one had very close hanging diamonds quilted in the border behind the tulips as well as cables in the sashings.

Maine_May2013 064

This too a lot of patience, and a lot of time!

Maine_May2013 066

Ms Sue herself!

The second quilt had feathers in the corners of the blocks…..but I don’t think I got a very good photo of those.

Maine_May2013 065

These were so NICELY done!

Maine_May2013 069

OH!!!  Little Hexies!!

Maine_May2013 070

These rosettes are set with a double path of muslin hexies to space the flowers further apart.

Such sweet fabrics!

Maine_May2013 071

And look!  How tiny!

((And just when did I get my mother’s hands?!))

Maine_May2013 072

THIS one was the show stopper for me!

Not very large in size….but wow!

Maine_May2013 074

Those tan areas likely used to be green….
Can you see how heavily quilted this is?

Maine_May2013 075

There are places where pieces are joined to pieces to make parts big enough….I just find this SO striking!

Maine_May2013 076

Again….these are NOT large blocks, which makes the quilting that much closer together!

We really did hit the vintage quilt jackpot that day in Brunswick Maine…..there are still more photos to come and I’ll post them as I’m able.  I hope you enjoy the eye candy as much as I do.

I’ll be in Albany, NY by 10am! 

I wonder what adventures await me there!


  1. So glad you had a good time in Maine! I wish I could figure out where the block is in the beautiful red and whie one. I don't think I've seen that one before.

  2. Anonymous7:50 AM EDT

    WOW that is the best setting of a Sue quilt. She has been made so many times, I can't grt worked up over the quilts... This one os special.

    Have a great time,

  3. thanks for the Sunbonnet Sue pix - that one is on my bucket list just because that's my name! I think there's a pattern where Sue is doing all different activities in each block. That's the one for me. Sue K

  4. Ha ha, funny about noticing your hands huh? My husband noticed mine the other day and was taken aback. " how did that happen he asked". Just lucky I guess. Once you hit 45 it starts happening.
    Albany will be very pretty right now. Enjoy the spring blooms and fragrances.
    The pollen is high for trees right now.

  5. Love the sunbonnet sue quilt and the GFG quilt, thanks very much for sharing!!!!!!!!!!
    I have been trying like crazy to figure out how the pieced quilt was put together, still haven't come up with it.

    1. I think that red/white one are blocks set on point, alternatin with a plain white block. If you look at it that way, it helps to see how the block was made.

  6. I made a Sunbonnet Sue quilt about 100 years ago - it seems so primitive looking back on it now. Glad you get home in time for some Mother's Day connectedness with your family!

  7. Love the red quilt! Awesome pattern!

  8. love the sunbonnet sue quilt! i've been looking for that shade of green for ages, guess it no longer exist. and oh my, that red one is a beauty!

  9. Great vintage finds Bonnie! If you have never been to Albany before, make sure to go downtown. There is some stunning architecture there! Have fun, and find some more vintage goodies if you can!

    1. The state capital is one the most beautiful in our country. Very much worth visiting!

  10. Ooh, Bonnie, I can see that red, "green", and muslin beauty as a mystery quilt! Love it!! And your hands are lovely....Shirley G.

  11. Oh yes - I enjoy the eye candy very much!! Thanks!

  12. The quilts are gorgeous and so are you hands--they have earned their patina. I really, really want to learn to hand quilt one of these years!.
    Have fun in Glen Falls.

  13. We all have our Mother's hands by the time we get over 50. You just hit that mark. It's not a BAD thing. I know my Mother was a hard worker with her hands, I hope that I emulate her love and service. Loved the Eye Candy this morning. It makes me want to get out and go thrifting.

  14. I think I have blocks that were my grandmother's that have some of the blue and the green fabrics from the Grandmother's flower garden quilt. How Fun!

  15. Yay! Finally, you'll be in upstate New York!!! Can't wait until Saturday. I have made two of your quilts and plan to bring them along!

  16. I just love seeing antique quilts. Enjoyed spending time with you last night at the potluck dinner and I know I will love the class today.

  17. I just Love the hexacon quilt..as these are my "thing" as a starting quilter! I love the museline hexacon betweent the flowers..beautiful!!!

    Alie Vermeer

  18. I just Love the hexacon quilt..as these are my "thing" as a starting quilter! I love the museline hexacon betweent the flowers..beautiful!!!

    Alie Vermeer

  19. what wonderful finds!!!! when you get out here--we must go hunting ;-)

  20. suzanne, dutchess county NY said "Once you hit 45 it starts happening."
    And once you hit 50 it goes into hyper-fast-ageing ! :(

    Love-love-love the red quilt, if you figure out the pattern please do share with us how to do it Bonnie!


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