Sunday, May 05, 2013

iPhone-o-Gram! Starring it up in Augusta

Smith Mountain Morning Day in Augusta!

It's a beautiful sunshiny spring day and we are sitting around on the grass enjoying our lunch break and I thought I'd take time to send this on---

We all hope you are enjoying the first weekend of May 2013!!

Plans are underway for Mexican dinner out tonight to celebrate Cinco De Mayo.



Tami C said...

Looks like you really have quite the crowd there! So many people love your classes!

Randy D. said...

Hi Bon. Hope you have a good trip back. Miss you! Love ya.

Roxelana Roxi said...

how I envy you this... in Poland we don't have block party

Carmen said...

Bonnie, I loved your class in Augusta. I am cutting and organizing more strips for my star blocks this morning. Thank you for making the trip to Maine.