Tuesday, May 28, 2013

One for the Cabin!

Last week I was the key note speaker at the spring banquet for the Prairie Star Quilters of St. Charles, Illinois.

What a great group of ladies!  Such talented quilters, such giving, loving and sharing women.

You know, you can feel it…when you sit back and watch the dynamics of people within a group.  You get a feeling for how involved they are with each other, and how they support and lift one another.  Some groups gel, and some groups don’t – I’m sure you’ve felt it too with places you’ve visited and groups you’ve belonged to.

Within the guild are several bees or sewing circles.

Before my lecture even started they about brought me to tears with the presentation of a very special quilt JUST.FOR.ME.

Can you read the label?  It says:

Bonnie’s Tiles
Created for Bonnie K Hunter
The Scrap Hunters Bee ((HAAAAAHAHHA!))
Prairie Star Quilt Guild,
St Charles, IL
May 2013
In appreciation for Bonnie’s
creativity and generosity to quilters worldwide 

And then it lists the members who worked on this quilt, which was longarm quilted by Cindy Krelle --who did a beautiful job!

cabin 072

Photo on my deck here!

cabin 073

Gorgeous scraps!

cabin 074

Fabulous colors and so much variety!

I was seriously finding it hard to not bawl in front of a banquet room with 225+ quilters in attendance!

As I unpack things – I am thinking this needs a place of honor in my new cabin.  I’ve got railings it can hang from!  I’ve got walls to embellish to make the place my own – and these ladies can be here with me in spirit!

If you like the block pattern, Antique Tile was found in my Addicted to Scraps column in the September/October 2011 issue.

Thank you, Scrap Hunters Bee for your open heart and giving spirit!

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  1. What a beautiful quilt made just for you. It certainly deserves a special place in your new cabin.

  2. It will look great in your new house. What an awesome gift.

  3. That was a terrific gift. So very thoughtful of them. Just in time for the "cabin".
    Ramona from Maine

  4. Your quilt is beautiful. What a thoughtful gift. I'm sure you will find the perfect spot for it in your new home.

  5. What sweet quilters! and perfect for your beautiful new home in the mountains. I love the rocking chairs out there to enjoy those gorgeous views.

  6. Pretty I love the colors. I think it will be perfect in a cabin setting, warm and cozy.

  7. It is a beauty. What a great quilt for your new cabin.

  8. Everything seems to be falling in place with the cabin! The quilt is lovely...and so are the sentiments behind it. Just awesome!

  9. What a lovely tribute quilt to a very generous, giving lady. Great job ladies! It will look great in your cabin. Lucky quilt!

  10. wow so thoughtful, and awesome

  11. Love the quilt, another block to add to my to do list. Congratulations on staying in control, I wouldn't have but I cry way to easy LOL; especially tears of joy. What a thoughtful gift ladies and you will have so much fun decorating your cabin. Wish I was coming to Ireland with you, was there last fall and can't wait to go back.

  12. They've said it all, feel like you really deserve this tribute! And, I must say, when it comes to politics, I'm not too proud of being from Illinois originally, but I'd sure like to claim these wonderful quilters, they are the best to do this for you! Carol

  13. Oh such a fortunate gal you are to have this made for you. You surely are honored! Love it for you, and couldn't be given to a better deserving gal. You do so much for everyone else, it was time for you BOnnie.

  14. What an honor...the quilt is beautiful! I have only made one antique tile...so far! Can't wait to see where it winds up!

  15. That was so sweet of those ladies! I recognized the Antique Tile block as I had just made one in my group of blocks that are going towards a quilt being made for Moore, OK. So glad that things are working out for you with your cabin.

    1. How do you intend to get your quilt to Moore, OK? Do you have a contact there? I would like to help, but haven't researched it yet...

  16. So happy you received something just for you and made st foe you. That was so awesome for them to do. So happy for you and your new adventure with the cabin.

  17. Really pretty. What an awesome way to affirm you.

  18. How wonderful to get a quilt you've designed from other quilters. That makes it so very special. And it will look great at your new cabin!

  19. That will look so lovely at your new cabin. How nice to be honored in this way. You really do give so much of yourself to the quilting world.

  20. This quilt sew looks like you! What a nice memory of the year of travel, quilt received, and new cabin!

  21. Bonnie I had an on line quilter friend tell me quilters don't give quilts to other quilters. I am glad to see that is not always true. Don't you think quilters are so happy to receive a quilt ? They sure know of the amount of time and effort and caring it takes to make a quilt oh not to mention the cost.
    The quilt they made for you and gave to you is lovely. I am glad you cared enough about all of us to share pictures of the quilt gift
    Thank you

  22. A fitting tribute to all that you do for the community of quilters worldwide. Sweet.

  23. Colleen is right, quilters rarely make quilts for other quilters...so to receive one is a very high honor indeed!!! They did a beautiful job and you totally deserve it for all you do for the quilting community! Only another quilter can really appreciate the work and love that goes into creating a quilt!!!

  24. The generosity that you give the quilting world has just been paid back to you 10 fold. It will look lovely in your new cabin enjoy.

  25. How sweet, I am sure they could see the tears of joy in your eyes, you are a treasured person in many of our lives and such an inspiration to quilters everywhere. Thank you for sharing your talents each and every day.

  26. What a thoughtful gift! I'm so glad they took the time to thank you for all that you do for us quilters. I, too, appreciate you more than you'll ever know!

  27. So touching! I don't know how you kept your composure. Will look lovely wherever you decide to display it. The Scrap Hunters Bee so rocked the scraps for your special gift!!

  28. What an honor - and frankly no one is more deserving! I have this pattern torn out of my magazine and in a plastic sleeve in my Binder of Quilts to be Made Someday. Now I have so many beautiful examples for inspiration!

    Just so you know ... there is a whole section in my binder tabbed BONNIE HUNTER QUILTS.

  29. I don't think I have heard Lookie, Lookie for many years! I love it!! your excitement over things makes me chuckle. So good for the nerves. I am happy for you over your Cabin and the plaque . The quilt is so beautiful. Congratulations

  30. What a lovely gift for a very deserving woman! Now we know the real reason for the cabin....Bonnie needs more room to display and store quilts! :-)

  31. What a very special thing for those wonderful ladies to do for you. I'm sure you will find the perfect spot for it in the new cabin.


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