Saturday, May 18, 2013

Wooly Court House Steps…With **JAZZ HANDS!!**

I’m giggling to myself….

Because every time I see “white glove” ladies at a quilt show…I imagine them breaking into some crazy tap dancing version of “jazz hands” 

Now watch…every time YOU see white glove ladies at a quilt show….you are going to start thinking the same thing!  Ha cha cha cha!

But look at this lovely quilt that we unwrapped at the La Salle County museum:


Courthouse steps log cabin!

OttawaIL2013 062

Three jazz handed ladies handling a yummy!!

OttawaIL2013 058

This was the first peek at this quilt…the backing fabric.  Do you see the seams?

OttawaIL2013 059

As we unfolded and removed tissue….OOOhhh!

OttawaIL2013 060

Close up of border corner….

OttawaIL2013 063

Wonderful variety of wools…and some cottons!

This quilt was foundation pieced on the backing squares….there is no batting.  It is joined together, and the backing edges turned under and blind stitched….there is no quilting, just the stitching that attaches the log cabin strips to the backing fabric squares.

OttawaIL2013 061

There is no rhyme or reason to the directional fabric on the back…she did what she needed to do to complete the pattern on the front of the quilt, twisting and turning her blocks the way she wanted them, and the backing fabric just went along for the ride!

OttawaIL2013 064

One more Jazz Hand…Mine…holding the corner!

OttawaIL2013 066

Breathtaking in simplicity.

These are the kinds of quilts I love, the ones that steal my heart and make me ponder where all these scraps came from…the story behind each piece!

This afternoon I’m on my way to St Charles, Illinois, where I’ll be for the next few days!

My Illinois Adventure continues!


  1. What would you call the visual/physical equivalent of an ear worm? Now I cannot see white gloves on someone without that visual of jazz hands! And ha cha cha cha!

  2. I absolutely LOVE that quilt. Love all the fabrics used...ahhh


  3. Love the quilt and your sense of humor! If I giggle uncontrollably at the next quilt show, I'm going to blame you! (Margaritas have that effect too!

  4. I just want to say thank you for the jazz hands, it's going to be worse than having a song stuck in my head! The worse part is that I can guarantee that I will do the jazz hands movement at the next quilt show I go to... it's just going to be to tempting.

  5. Love the quilt and love your blog and sense of humor... thanks for sharing Jazz Hands and love the "on the road" posts too! thanks for inspiring me! Kathi

  6. OMGosh... that would be HILARIOUS if once an hour they shut out the lights and did a 2 min routine. I can't say 5 min because that's too long for that many women in one place who have to go potty - LOL.

  7. Beautiful quilt! I love the piano key border. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Oh my gosh! I am smitten with this quilt and like you, I can almost close my eyes and visualize the shirts/dresses/etc., that these fabrics came from and the people who wore them. I do the same thing when I visit Fort Bridger Wyoming. I stand on the bridge over the small creek and don't even have to close my eyes to almost see and hear the soldiers and their families from a bygone era, strolling the grounds on a Sunday afternoon. Men in their best uniforms and ladies in the best finery they had, which was very meager. Many pieces in the small museum, small but so enjoyable.
    As for the Jazz hands dance, I don't have to imagine myself doing that, cause many moons ago...many, MANY moons ago, when I was in High School, we soak white cotton gloves in glow in the dark solution and at one of the basketball games, our pep club marched to an oldies song and half way through they turned off the light so their were just 18 pairs of glowing hands, "Jazz Dancing"...I will never forget that because we could barely hear the music over the roar of the applause, LOL. Not sure if we were that good, or if they were just happy that the lights went out, but they told us it looked pretty darned cool from the stands. Ah...memories of our own and memories of others that we long to know about and learn about! Great stuff Bonnie, thanx so much for sharing!

  9. Hi There,That certainly is a treasure of a guilt!!!Jazz Hands!!!Really!!!Even the clinic nurse now has jazz hands!!!Have a wonderful week!!!

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