Monday, May 20, 2013

Cute Cute Cute ((And repurposed!))

LOVE LOVE LOVE how other quilters put things together that I would never have thought of!

I’ve got these hanging trash bags made in cute novelty fabrics and things like that…..

But being a mother of SONS….oh, do they EVER have Jeans with blown out knees ---

What a cute idea to turn an old pair of jeans that have seen better days into a cute catch all for taking to class!

I love how the pocket can old things like scissors, seam ripper, etc….maybe even a cell phone?

Pencils, pens..maybe a ruler?

What would YOU put in those pockets?
StCharles_IL2013 020

Another pocket was simply cut close to the seam lines, stuffed with sand and stitched closed at the top!  Hems or belt loops make the hanging straps!

StCharles_IL2013 021

I’m getting all KINDS of ideas here --- aren’t you?!

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  1. great idea! why can't I ever think of these original ideas?

  2. me too! when am i going to come up w an $$$$ idea???

  3. Very cute idea. I use the rest of the 100% cotton denim for rag quilts and totes. But the pockets usually don't get used. Thanks for sharing the idea!

  4. I love this idea! I am not a person who can look at a picture and reproduce the product - at least not very well - would probably take me several tries (at least). I definitely want to try making some of these - I would love to have one by the longarm for those threads that I am always snipping!

  5. How cute. I'm going to a class by Marci Baker, in June
    I see a pincushion, stuff carrier in my immediate future!!

  6. This has just been put on the top of my list. What a great idea. And I have a bin full of denim just waiting to do something with. Sue K.

  7. Who doesn't have old jeans languishing in some box or closet (or under the bed)? This is a great idea! I love that ONLY jeans parts were used!

  8. Great idea with the repurposing! And I see the sewing machine in those pics is sitting in a SewEzi portable table; happy to see that as I just ordered one this week :)

  9. Years ago when I was first married, we made an old pair of jeans into a neat backpack! Had it for many years. Don't really remember what happened to it. Sewed circles in the leg holes cut off like short shorts, put straps for over the shoulder from leg fabric and made a flap to cover the waist area with a board to stiffen and keep it flat against the back at the back waistline. Many groceries and library books were carried in that! That hanging bag is cute & useful too! Thank you for sharing!

  10. Love it, I've got quite a few pairs of old jeans! Must try.

  11. Too cute and true about boys and holes in knees :)

  12. OH, what a great idea!!! My brain is spinning with possibilities. Thanks for sharing!!! Hugs...

  13. For the 25th anniversary of the sewing retreat that I go to (I haven't been going that long, it's just been in existence that long), one of the door prizes everyone got was a thread-catcher bag to tie onto their sewing machine. The bag was made out of rip-stop nylon so when you needed to empty it, you just turned it upside down over your garbage sack and voila! It was empty, nothing stuck to it!

    Someone got a million gazillion yards of rip-stop nylon and sewed up a storm making those bags for all of us. And they were all stamped with the logo of our quilting retreat. It was very special.

  14. What a cute idea! I'm sure I've got some old jeans around here somewhere....

  15. That's a really cute idea. I can never think of things like that on my own darn it. ;o)
    Thank goodness someone is creative.


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