Sunday, May 19, 2013

Oh, That Jared! Ottawa, IL--

Another great day in the great state of Illinois!  The weather was absolutely beautiful!

We gathered, all 32 students and myself for a Jared Takes A Wife workshop.  You can find the pattern under the free patterns tab at the top of the blog.

What a wonderful mix of ladies! 

Susan was our hand piecer, and I swear she could hand piece just as fast and as accurately by hand as most could do by machine!

Here she is sewing one of the squares on top of the star point rectangle….just as easy as if it were breathing!

I think I’m going to have to give this hand piecing a lot more thought…it sure is portable….she keeps pieces in the car and stitches when ever she has a few moments of waiting time.

OttawaIL2013 244

Her block parts are laid out on the table….and while everyone else was lugging in mats, rulers, rotary cutters, machines, and all else, she carried in….her sewing basket.  Yes….I think I’m going to have to really think on this!  The hexies have been great for travel…but you can pretty much hand piece ANYTHING!

OttawaIL2013 256

Sue's block as we were auditioning centers….

Everyone got a TON done!

Click the photo below if you can’t view the slide show on your mobile device…..and remember…there is always a real computer somewhere for you to view these full size for full inspiration!
Jared Takes a Wife, Ottawa, IL 2013
I'm in a different location today---the St Charles group has rented out a store inside of the local mall for our workshop so we'd have more space!  I can honestly say I've never taught INSIDE a mall before...this could prove interesting!

And I just may find myself taking a little walk at lunch time in search of SANDALS!

I'm feeling very summery and my usual footwear has just been TOO DANG HOT!!

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  1. Love that hand piecing.. I am still too new at quilting to understand how to do that securely... thanks for sharing your travels and adventures... looks like all had fun :) Hope you make it to Florida sometime :) Kathi

  2. I am a hand piecer also and travel with my bits and pieces I get a lot done, granted you can't hand sew as fast as a sewing machine but it sure is more relaxing!

  3. I love hand quilting but have not really hand pieced other then hexies. If I didn't work full time I was tempted last year to do Rachel off Stitched in Color's handstiched quilt along http://www.stitchedincolor.com/2012/08/my-modern-medallion-quilt.html

  4. Jinny Beyer pieces mostly by hand. She says it is just as quick, and very accurate for matching points. It is also portable.

    I've tried it, and set aside. I will go back and try it again, my sewing skills have improved in the intervening years and I may be more satisfied with both the process and results.

  5. I agree about sandals. As soon as the temperature gets warm, the shoes go bye-bye! I'm definitely a flip-flops and sandals kind of gal! Except when it rains...I hate wet feet.

  6. I love this pattern. Have made two, one for each of the twins. Looks like everyone had a great time!! Enjoy the trip Miss Bonnie!!

  7. Anonymous10:27 AM EDT

    What a great group of blocks! I just enjoy seeing the prints and colors others can come up with for quilts, esp. BONNIE quilts.

    This is my NEXT queen size Bonnie quilt. I just made the executive decision this split second! Gotta do it.

    Have fun, smile a lot and hug everyone

  8. Another terrific slideshow, Bonnie--I would be hard pressed (hah) to pick a favorite. and that hand-piecer--isn't that amazing? You are right--talk about portable...thank you for sharing Julierose

  9. Thanks for your great photos! Looks like everyone was having a great time. It's so much fun to see what everyone else was doing and how different colors change the look of the block.

  10. Jared Takes A Wife has been on my To Do List for a long time now. I have to finish my Sister's Choice first though! I'd love to attend one of your classes. Everyone always looks like they are having so much fun! Thanks Bonnie.


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