Saturday, May 04, 2013

Jamestown Landing, Bangor Style!

When in Maine, one MUST have a MOOSE MASCOT!!

When you get 36 women sewing with a mess of strings ----you just KNOW you are in for a whole day of a good time!

We met at the Augusta Elks Lodge….I know…it should be the MOOSE LODGE, right?  But the Elks had a space that was big enough for us all to gather, machines, fabric, irons, ironing boards, totes and boxes and bags and baskets of fabric…and we made a day of sewing string blocks in the morning, moving on to half square triangles with the Easy Angle ruler in the afternoon.

We had quilts being made in nearly every shade of the rainbow…..such fun to see how different things look when people put their go their own direction with their color preferences.

There are many photos……if you are on a mobile device and can’t view the slide show, click the photo below to be taken directly to the photo album.

Jamestown Landing, Augusta ME 2013
Today is the Spring meeting of the Pine Tree Quilters, the state guild of Maine. I'm looking forward to presenting to quilters who are gathering from all over the state for this meeting.And afterward? Time to explore a bit....and enjoy the beautiful weather we've been gifted!

My time here is flying ---and I'm loving every minute of it!


  1. fantastic slide show, no doubt will be seeing some of these finished at our july show....and just 24 hours before MY workshop....wahoo! no meeting for me today, gotta work....and you didn't get to bangor?

  2. Absolutely GORGEOUS and a great variety of color and patterns. Love that pattern ... hope that when you visit our guild in 2016 that it's one of the patterns they consider for our workshop. Then again, I might just go ahead and make that beauty on my own!! Have a great trip ~ safe travels! Linda

  3. I love all the different colors! I have a collection of neutralsl, blues, browns and greens shirts from Goodwill that I am beginning to debone to make this quilt. I have just decided to set a goal of 1 shirt/day boned and cut into strips.... that should get the project moving.

  4. Another absolutely lovely slideshow--I enjoy these as a "present" from you of "eye candy". And find it fascinating how many colorways look just terrific! Thank you for sharing...Julierose

  5. Great pictures. I was wondering if you ever thought of taking a picture of the oldest and newest sewing machine they bring to these meets, other than the Singer 221?

  6. I just fall in love with Jamestown Landing everytime you show it in a workshop so I finally bit the bullet and bought the book (bbbb, HA). Thanks Bonnie!

  7. Oh Bonnie, it is no good I am going to have to start making up a kit with my scraps for a jamestown landing. I love it . I love the different colours people have used. Just proves what a good designer you are. Your patterns always work in whatever fabrics people use. x


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