Friday, May 03, 2013

Friday Evening Stitching!

This was the view from my plane window yesterday as I flew from Newark to Maine!  I love seeing lakes and mountains and other views of nature as I make my way to wherever I’m going.

I may never be able to soar like a bird, but watching from the comfort ((??)) of my window seat is the closest I can get.

We live in such a beautiful world!

And isn't it interesting how the camera caught that propeller as if it is standing still??

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I am staying in Augusta Maine….as a central place to teach in different areas around Maine while I am here.

Today’s class had me driving to Bangor, about 70 miles north of Augusta.

Maine_May2013 120

It was a perfect chance to enjoy the beautiful morning and do some hexie stitching while Callie drove and we chatted. This section was completed on the drive between Augusta and Bangor, and I brought the whole medallion out at the end of class to show and share:

Maine_May2013 200

Next step…attaching this “Satellite” to the “Mother Ship!”

I have found it works really well for me to work the motifs in sections, and then add the sections to the center.  The center is now big enough that it really is TOO BIG to haul around everywhere…so from now on, parts will be built “off site” and then added to the whole.

Maine_May2013 204

On my lovely antique gold hotel bedspread! LOL!

I was able to attach the section to the center while driving back to Augusta after dinner with the guild girls.  ONE SECTION LEFT!

I have only designed the center this far….I have ideas of where I want it to go from here, but I need some time with some graph paper to be sure….I think there is enough work left to finish that remaining 6th side during the remainder of my time here and my trip home.

Tonight – I’ll be tucked in, jammies on, editing down the photos from today’s workshop and getting them ready to post for tomorrow’s slide show!

Tomorrow….I have my meeting with the state guild, followed by my lecture in the afternoon!

Sunday…Smith Mountain Morning workshop all day long, and Monday…home again!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!


  1. I may have to give in to another quilt. You make me want to do hexies!! They surely are beautiful

  2. Bonnie, You absolutely AMAZE me! You must be some "Unnatural" wonder of the world! I have never met anyone with the stamina, drive and fortitude that you exhibit in your travel schedule, our creativity, and perseverance! I'm tempted to ask what kind of vitamins you must take to keep up with your schedule (or are you really the Energizer Bunny in disguise?)! I enjoyed this blog from the airplane over Maine and seeing all those hexies! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I've only done hexies once in my 25+ years of quilting. I think I need to give it a try again! That's beautiful!

  4. Love your hexi quilt....that is amazing!! I started my first hexi project, got one flower done lol. Hard on the fingers with arthritis; but am determined to get it made. A small one for the little rustic ladder by my fireplace.

  5. Love the view through and around the propeller. Isn't it just fantabulous to get to do what you absolutely love? And be loved so greatly for sharing YOUR joy! Most excellent and thank you!!!
    ~Christina in Cleveland ::: smiling broadly :::

  6. Anonymous9:30 PM EDT

    HAHA! Talk abouti nspiration? How can you stitch in the car? My eyes seem to jump alll over the place when I have ktried. Time to try again. John will go nuts lolol, he thinksI am totally addicted to quilts and stitching. Bless him little heart lolol HE IS RIGHT!

    Have a fun time ..Smith Mountains is amazing, and sobeautiful. Nexttme you are inAdt TN,maybe you will haveclasses on that one for us.

    Have a super weekend

  7. Girl, I do not know how you do it. I get tired just reading all you do! BUT, I'm glad you do it. I thoroughly enjoy your adventures and I always learn something new. Thank you for all you do.

  8. You are traveling WAY too much if you already have that much of the new hexie quilt done!! Sue K

  9. Your hexies are looking wonderful It's hard to believe just how much you get done in a day!

  10. You lucky dog, Maine is a wonderful place to be!! Hand stitching in the car, or plane, is my fave. Have a great time in te state that has more trees than people!

  11. I love your hexie project and seeing how your organize it, although I'd love to hear more on your "organizational" tips.
    I'm also working on a hexie project, but seem to have run out of papers and waiting for an order to arrive from Paper Pieces. If all goes well it should arrive tomorrow, worst case Monday. But I feel like I'm going thru EPP withdrawel right now. About to get on a plane and come knock on your door.


    PS - Any tips for quilting/Free-motion quilting hexie projects appreciated. Not excited with how I've been quilting my hexies and looking for more ideas.

  12. Actually, that propeller isn't standing still. Your camera caught the same propeller blade in 3 places during the picture! It's pretty interesting how cameras do that depending on the propeller speed and the shutter speed of the camera. I have pictures where my helicopter blades look curved - they aren't, just a camera illusion!


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