Saturday, May 18, 2013

Evening Adventures in Hotel Room Stitching!

Things that live forever in my suitcase……

The IKEA clip on lamp!

The lamps with the heavy base are of course…..too heavy for my suitcase. I traveled with this one when I was flying with a machine, or borrowing a machine for hotel room sewing…..but I am even finding it ESSENTIAL to hotel room hand work.

Those who have spent hotel time before know that rooms are lit by a bunch of dim bulbs….making even READING a pain due to lack of light.

The clip lap is lightweight, it has a long cord….and it shines a bright light!

You might have to get inventive on where you clip it…I’ve found if I can clip it to the desk chair…and drag it to where I am sitting in “ANOTHER” chair, I can shine it on my work providing enough light to more than get the job done in well lit-comfort.

OttawaIL2013 110

My feet are up and I spent Thursday evening stitching in my room in Ottawa!

OttawaIL2013 290-001

I am now in St Charles, checked into another room..and this one has a comfy easy chair and foot stool…but there is no way that lamp is going to shine enough light!  Out of the suitcase comes the IKEA clamp lamp…and it shines a bright circle down on to where I’m stitching.

OttawaIL2013 291-001

Since I’ve arrived, I’ve sewn over 6 complete fans, each with 6 arcs in them, and I’ve turned another corner!  I am going to travel with this quilt until it is DONE.  this long time UFO is over 9 years old now….and I love how relaxing it is to sit and do some hand stitching on the evenings that I don’t have an evening guild meeting lecture.

Tomorrow is a Jamestown Landing workshop with the St Charles guild…..a whole new group, and I’m looking forward to meeting them!

But first….tonight…I stitch!


  1. bravo! you will get the quilt done this year maybe with as much as you travel!

  2. I've been needing a clip on light and this seems to fit the bill, AND it comes in pink, how cool is that!!!

  3. What a great idea! Need to get one for trips. Your quilting looks beautiful!

  4. I need find an Ikea around here and go get one of those! Enjoy tomorrow.

  5. I see you also travel with your panda speakers. Love the way he's keeping an eye on you and your quilting.

  6. I am currently trying to finish my husband's Harley Davidson quilt using a hoop like that. I'm finding it very frustrating trying to quilt with the hoop. I either end up holding it in mid-air or I have to lean it on the foot stool and I can't get the right angle either way. Not sure if this is something I will try again. My thinking was rather than take up a lot of room with the frame, and only two rows left to quilt, I would take it off the frame and put it in a hoop.... not working so well for me :-(

  7. Hi There,You sure are dedicated!!!It sure is a beautiful quilt!!!Have a great day!!!

  8. Love the light. Love the quilt. You are so dedicated! !!

  9. I love my ikea light! Have tried book lights that can stand up on their own but they aren't as good for sewing by .
    Glad your lamp travels well in your suitcase!
    Do you pack it a special way or just tuck into clothing or a quilt?

  10. I love your dedication to finish that quilt....bout time :-) The lamp does seem like a very useful tool. I may have to see if I can find it online, too lazy to drive the 45 minutes to IKEA. Have a great day, Ms. Bonnie!

  11. Anonymous7:57 AM EDT

    Bonnie - How do you mark your quilts for the hand quilting that will stand up to the traveling?

  12. Hi Bonnie, I hope you read this one. I got Barbara Brackman's BOW and here is part of the history she included:
    The treadle sewing machine could produce "morbid effects" warned the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal in 1871.

    "Two young women, sisters, who, in consequence of the prolonged use of the sewing machine, were made sick, the one with metritis, the other with a very rapid development of an ovarian tumor. In these two apparently dissimilar cases, two different diseases sprang from the same cause, which had produced in each a congested state of the inter-pelvic ovaries. It is in fact by the production of a permanent congested state of the generative system that the use of the sewing machine brings about the most injurious and most undeniable morbid effects."
    I thought you would get a chuckle.

  13. I just won the lamp with the base on a blog (and thought of you!), but now I think I need one of the clamp-on's too! I just love that quilt - you will be done in no time!

  14. love that design and the colors you chose. Unfortunately I also have some UFOs that old........so far just good intentions of finishing them :P

  15. I just love this quilt, & even though you say it is a long term UFO, I think it would take me longer than that to make the blocks! I have a UFO quilt that I started in 2001, a Dresden Plate using mens ties....but it is still only half quilted. This is definitely a year for finishing projects.

  16. i love the colors in this quilt and the design is breathtaking!. can someone tell me what the name of the quilt is and where i can find the pattern? i really love it and i would love to make one
    thanks in advance

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