Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Continuing My Walk --

There were so many fun photos capturing my time in Glens Falls that I am extending it into this post!

Also going on this past weekend was the Tulip Festival in Albany ---and though we drove through the area, the weather was less than cooperative on the one day that we had free time to “DO STUFF”, meaning Saturday afternoon after my lecture was over.  That was the day that the rain came in BUCKETS!

If you look close at these tulips..they are JUST ABOUT done….and on the ground around them are all the blossom petals that were pounded to the ground during that down pour.

On my walk….I felt like I was walking on a blossom carpet…the trees were so pretty, but even that pretty can come to a halt when the rain does its damage.

GlensFalls_NY2013 243

These trees were still VERY PINK though!
And bees were humming their happy bee sound doing what bees do best!

GlensFalls_NY2013 238

Look at the grass! The blossom carpet looks like snow!

GlensFalls_NY2013 239

As I walked I stopped to admire churches – like this one, quite gothic in all its majesty.

GlensFalls_NY2013 246

And this one…spires reaching toward the sky.

GlensFalls_NY2013 248

And this one, with windows reminding me of a “Cathedral Window” quilt pattern ---

GlensFalls_NY2013 240

I loved the architectural detail of these wall pieces on a building that is now apartments.

GlensFalls_NY2013 241

Old rambling houses, the pride of a by-gone era have always been a favorite.  I love old houses!

GlensFalls_NY2013 242

This one captured my heart every time we drove by it.  The hubby was out working in his yard after the rain, laying mulch.  That’s another spring smell that I love…wood chips and ground cover. SPRING!

GlensFalls_NY2013 245

I want this one, too!! Isn’t it magnificent?

GlensFalls_NY2013 247

What about this brick beauty with all its angles and eaves?

I love that round detail on the upper porch.  It draws your eye right to the person who would be standing there.

GlensFalls_NY2013 261

It wasn’t long before I was back to the covered entrance of the Queensbury Hotel.

GlensFalls_NY2013 262

Oh, if these walls could talk!  Can you hear the 1930s music playing in the lobby?  They actually DO have that 1930s music piped in..it adds so much to the atmosphere!

Thanks again, Glens Falls for the warm embracing welcome and the extra fun time, come rain come shine!  Let’s do it again, shall we??

And tomorrow….I’m off on a new adventure!  I’m flying to Chicago to meet with the Quilters in Ottawa and St Charles!  We’ve got special things planned to occupy my time….these girls know what I like! Bring on the antique quilt browsing..and yes…there WILL BE PHOTOS!


  1. thanks for the tour! I like looking at old churches and the gardens too

  2. Thanks for taking us along on your travels. I've gotten to see so much more of the US than I ever would have.

  3. I love old houses. Thanks for the walking tour. It sure is pretty to see everything blooming.

  4. Wings Falls Quilters would love to have you back, Bonnie. Let's see you are booking inot 2018 now??? Once again great pictures of our town. We love it here, close enough to NY City, Boston and Montreal that they can be day trips but far enough away that we don't have the hassles of big cities.

  5. Beautiful walk, love all the archetiture

  6. Who knew Glen Falls was so charming? I thought it only had a race track...duh!
    I enjoyed quilt cam with you last night as I sew premature baby clothes for our local neonatal unit.
    Life is good in the south and I'm loving it :0)

    Safe travels Bonnie and Happy Sewing

  7. I just got back from New York and sitting at LaGuardia and then Midway airport I thought of you doing your hexies. Flying can get very tiring and I know you do it only when you have to. I am so glad you got first class last week.

  8. Wow! Thanks for all the wonderful, old architecture photos. I just love old homes and buildings. They're so inspiring. I want the house with the big, round feature in the front! Have a super day!

  9. Great pictures! How I envy your walking, I just had foot surgery and cannot wait until I can get out to take a nice walk again! Have fun!

  10. Looking forward to seeing you in Ottawa. Safe travels my friend.

  11. Anonymous5:20 PM EDT

    Isn't the buildings not made with the modern cookie cutter approach just wonderful? They make you want to be a little house mouse to see inside, all of the details and wonders. Thank you for sharing how you do with us. Like a buddy taking a holiday and including you in her tours.

    Positive thoughts all around

  12. I adore the old houses. One thing I really enjoyed when visiting the north-east US was looking at the old houses. The architecture is really unique.

  13. I didn't realize Albany had THAT much charm...and I live so close!
    Cindy in NY

  14. I love the old Victorian style houses! So pretty!

  15. Thank you for sharing your trips, we all get to go!

  16. Thank you for sharing the beauty that is back east. I love the "old" buildings of the USA.

  17. I call the grounded petals " fairy wings."
    Thank you for your joy!

  18. My granddaughter lives in the big yellow house. It holds numerous apartments.


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