Thursday, May 09, 2013

A View Through the Windshield…ALBANY!

I’m here, I’m here I’m here!

I was picked up at the airport after a very non-eventful completely on time flight……and the gals picking me up had planned a drive through downtown Albany since reading that I love go go by state capitols!

Of course I am all up for that.  It was a beautiful day in Albany, and I’ve never been here before…so let’s go!

The first building you see here is the State Education building!  As we were coming up on it….I thought….oh…..courthouse!  Wouldn’t you?  Nope!

GlensFalls_NY2013 012

This building was BLOCKS LONG!

GlensFalls_NY2013 015

Don’t you just love old architecture!?

I’m not sure but I think this is the train station.

GlensFalls_NY2013 014

Oh!  A Castle!!

GlensFalls_NY2013 017

Nope!  This building is the State Capitol of New York!

It looks like it could have been picked up from somewhere in Europe, and just plopped down here where it landed.  What a beautiful building!  I was expecting a huge domed thing…..but no!

GlensFalls_NY2013 018

It was a very fun drive through Albany……a great way to meet and greet and get to know the ladies who will be shuttling me around on my stay here!

GlensFalls_NY2013 020

We took the scenic route up to Glens Falls, following the river, watching barges up the canal and enjoying blooming trees in the May spring breeze.

I delightful lunch, and off to the hotel where I immediately crashed for a 3 hour nap…..boy did I need that.

I’ve just returned from a really nice dinner hosted by one of the guild gals at her beautiful home – we had about 12 of us there for a YUMMY home cooked meal of roast turkey and all the fixings supplied by those who came.  It was such a NICE change from yet another restaurant ((Which would have been fine too!)) and it was so nice to sit and chat and laugh and to get to know the ladies that I’ll be spending the next couple of days with.

I’m setting up for some hand quilting in the hotel room tonight…..Yes, the pink & brown quilt is with me…..and just as soon as I hit send, I’ll be stitching!

Tomorrow….Charlotte’s Baskets class!


  1. It's always a pleasure travelling along with you via your blog, Bonnie. Albany has some interesting architecture - who knew? I love the Capitol building; it is very European. You have a big day ahead tomorrow - sleep well!

  2. Interesting capital city--enjoy your visit

  3. You know, your kinda job is the best..you always have a chauffeur, people take you out to eat (or feed you at their house!!) and basically treat you like a queen. What could be better?!! LOL

  4. Yep, New title, Queen Bonnie. Our queen of quilting that we love so much!!!

  5. You are in my home town, welcome! Where will you be teaching?

  6. How nice that there were NO bugs on the windshield so you could take the pictures. Thanks for the tour. Charlotte's Baskets sounds like it is a new class. Not quite the normal ones you have taught lately. I'll have to go and see if there any pictures of this quilt. Using my Midnight Flight for Leader/enders today. It's nearing the 90's in SE Washington State. Beautiful and I should have been outside during the cooler part of the day. Maybe tomorrow- I'll be up early to watch the BALLOONS that fly in the early morning skies in my town every Mother's Day Weekend.

  7. Isn't a long nap just sooo restful after traveling? Enjoy your entire trip and have fun teaching, too.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing your travels with us. I will never get to Albany, NY, but I'm so glad to see the gorgeous architecture there. I really enjoy the photos of your travels!

  9. Thanks for the photos of my old stomping grounds. They brought back great memories. The education building is an amazing place. Went there on school trips as a kid. A great shot of the Capitol Building looking up State Street. Glens Falls is also a neat place. Enjoy your time in upstate NY.

  10. I've never seen such a beautiful State Capitol! Maybe it's a copy of a building in Europe. Thanks for a photo tour of another place I would never get to see if not for you!

  11. Welcome to New York state! I'm in Rochester, NY where they are celebrating the "Lilac Festival" for the next week.

  12. I live here, in one of the suburbs between Albany and Glens Falls. I os wish I could be up there with you but my schedule doesn't work for that this time. I hope you come back to our area really soon.

  13. Reading your blog is better than any tourist guide! To be able to view things through your eyes (or well, through your camera lens) gives such a great view on how things really look like, helps to make up plans which places to visit on a long vacation in the USA.

    I just love those posts as much as I love everything you share about quilting, your teaching and your lectures.

    Since I started following your blog, you haven't just become sort of my personal "I'm always here to share new things for you to learn and to experience" person and inspirational source, but you also became my teacher of American history and architecture.

    I can barely wait to meet you in Ireland in a few weeks. Sigrid and me - we are so excited :)

    Have a great time in NY...

    Greetings from Germany,

  14. Bonnie love the tours you take us on. Thanks for all you teach us about quilting and keeping us motivated. Have a safe trip and have fun..

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