Tuesday, May 21, 2013

iPhone-o-Gram: Scrappy Mountain Majesty Day!

8-1/2" squares are sewn into large triangles are sliced then rearranged and sewn back together in this really fun scrap quilt :-)

These blocks come together so quickly that many of the ladies already have several blocks to play with.

What I love the most about this quilt is all the different ways that the blocks can be arranged and rearranged in so many different layouts!

Look how much fun our ladies are having today!

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Jennifer Schifano Thomas said...

Those look cool! I suppose you can arrange them in different log cabin type settings? Fun, fun, fun!

Sherri said...

Would this pattern work using jelly rolls too? Is there a tutorial for this?

Purryl said...

Is there a tutorial for this, its looks amazing? But I am one of those who has to read the directions and then look at the picture to make it.

Diana said...

You can find the recipe for Scrappy Mountain Majesty
in the free patterns on Bonnie's webpage http://www.quiltville.com

this is direct to the pattern http://www.quiltville.com/delmts.shtml

Enjoy this lovely pattern by Bonnie.

Louise said...

I've made a quilt top (still a UFO!) from that pattern, and it's fun to make.

Vic in NH said...

Oh this is on my bucket list! All the ladies are having so much fun in your workshop accomplishing so much. I feel like a slug here at home, LOL