Saturday, May 18, 2013

My Blue Heaven All Day Long!

Boy, those Ottawa girls know how to have fun!

And so do those who traveled in from outlying areas…some as far as 4 or 5 hours away to join with us in sewing up the scraps ----and learning some nifty tricks with the Easy Angle and Companion Angle Rulers.

This quilt came completely out of my 2.5” strip bin BECAUSE of these rulers…and you can put them to good use too!

You’ll find the pattern for My Blue Heaven under the Free Patterns tab at the top of the blog.

Isn’t Terry cute?  I just love her smile!  She’s a very fun gal to be with….I met her several years ago and I’m always happy to see her smiling face when I get close enough to where she lives for her to come!  BOUNDLESS energy ---and such a fun gal!  ((And yes, we missed you Cathy Keiser!))

OttawaIL2013 112

Special thanks to Susan too, who braved the traffic around O’Hare and drove me out of the wilds of Chicagoland down to Ottawa!  When I loaded up the bags on the luggage cart, wheeled it out of my room, into the elevator and down to the lobby…I emerged to find her wearing this shirt….oh what a good belly laugh!

At the END of the day – by the time class was over, and the evening guild meeting was done and we were packing up and rearringing tables for today’s class…I think I would have changed that saying to BONNIE FRIED!  We were so tired…..but what a good day!  ((And today we do it all over again!))

OttawaIL2013 132

I even had a hand piecer in class!  LOOK at those tiny perfect stitches!

Here’s a tip from our hand-piecer to you…..if you can’t see a pencil line on the fabric for your seam line…use a piece of 1/4” masking tape.  You’ll have an edge to stitch along…and the tape will keep the fabric from stretching as you sew.  Who knew?!

OttawaIL2013 131

Here she is needling away following her tape line.

Another hint….sew with finer thread.  It won’t take up space in the seam allowance and it helps keep your units at the size they need to be.

I understand I have ANOTHER hand piecer in class today for Jared Takes A Wife…..so we’ll see if we can learn some hints and helps from her too!

So here we go with the slide show!  As always…if you can’t view it on your mobile device, click the photo below to go directly to the photo album.

My Blue Heaven, Ottawa IL 2013
Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I want that tsjirt in a v neck womans, aqua or green! Its too cool!

  2. Love it! I've been working in My Blue Heaven here at home, and it's so inspirational to see so many others! I love the contrast. And I loved seeing other color combinations.

  3. I must have one of those shirts. V-neck would be nice, I don't care for reg T, they lay on my throat... But I love that shirts. Where can I get one, Bonnie?

  4. Love the t-shirt! You need to have those made for everyone. And the hand stitching. WOW!

    Wish I could be there working on My Blue Heaven. Hasn't seen a stitch since California class. :-(

  5. The t shirt is GREAT! I love seeing that hand piecers are still out there. Such pretty work!

  6. What a great Tshirt!
    How fun to see the photos of someone who is hand piecing...such beautiful stitches!

  7. The picture of the handstitcher is fabulous! It reminds me of when my grandmother taught me to make a nine patch when I was 9 years old. It also reminds me of a pencil drawing I saw in a quilt shop in Indiana of the owner's grandmother piecing a double wedding ring.

  8. Love the t-shirt and the hand stitching is amazing!

  9. Anonymous12:53 PM EDT

    She should start selling those shirts for some extra stash cash! She's clever!

  10. Beautiful Hand piecing!


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