Friday, May 24, 2013

Dancing Nines to Bind!

One of the many reasons I love baby quilts….You can quilt them in about 1/4 the time than you can a grown people sized quilt!

I finished the quilting on the 2nd quilt with the blue sashings this afternoon, early enough to fit in an impromptu afternoon nap!

I’m headed for a massage in a few minutes….and I had enough time after my nap to trip the quilt up, getting ready for binding during Quilt-Cam time tonight…and snap some photos to share!

I don’t know about you, but I like to have really square corners on my borders before putting the binding on…that means I’m going to square the whole quilt ---I’m very careful about pinning and basting while the top is in the machine, but those edges still can stretch and morph a bit….so this is how I tackle that mess…

Of course, if I have a pieced border, I’m going to be careful of where those seams are on the border so I don’t cut off “too many” of my points in the pieced border in the process.  This one is piano keys, so it’s not so crucial.

dancingnines 020

15” square ruler placed in the corner and aligned…
Can you see that smidge of excess on the bottom and on the side?

And yes, my cutter *IS* still open!  This is an ACTION SHOT!

dancingnines 021

I square TWO corners…then use a long straight ruler to trim the CENTER of the border even between the two corners.

I don’t use this Olipfa ruler for anything else but squaring borders.  The lines on the ruler are too thick to get an accurate measurement with, but I like how the ridges on the back of the ruler grip the layers of the quilt as I trim.  The Hubster is responsible for stepping on and breaking off the lip part YEARS ago!  It’s still a good straight edge. :c)

dancingnines 024

Outside photos were being a bit hard to come by…the sun is dappled through the leaves on the trees.  However, I’ve waited so long to HAVE leaves…and sunshine…I’m not complaining too loudly!

dancingnines 025

The storm last night left all kinds of tree detritis on top of the deck…this photo is accented by the corner of my propane tank and the legs of my deck table..LOL.

dancingnines 026

Today’s BLUE version on the railing in the late afternoon sun!

dancingnines 027

Close up of Quilting.

This panto is called Deb’s Swirls, by Deb Geissler!

Quilt-Cam at 9pm tonight will have me putting labels in corners, and binding on the baby quilts.  I’ve also prepped the binding to go on the class sample for our Collaboration Celebration in August!  June 1st is the last day for early registration and there are still some slots open!  Won’t you come join us?  Click the Collaboration Celebration tab at the top of the blog for more details…it’s going to be a ton of fun!

I’m out the door, but will be back to see you at 9pm Eastern!

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  1. These baby boy quilts turned out so great! Such a great scrappy pattern! Thanks for taking us along the journey! I wish I could join tonight for quilt cam, but, I will be fishing. Hmmmmmm, I wonder if I would have enough of a signal to join you on the boat??????? Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

  2. Bonnie I was wondering why your blog addy is going to http://quiltville.blogspot.co.uk/

  3. Anonymous5:29 PM EDT

    These quilts are just beautiful. I love plaids, scrappy and simple designs. These really fit the bill!

  4. These baby quilts came out really nice! I love the pattern.
    How big are these? Just curious.

  5. Cute Baby quilts* Who would have thought plaid for baby....Bonnie, can you give us all a lesson on how to prepare a quilt top to send to a long arm quilter? Baste edges, what batting and backing to use...etc...Here in Canada, it's very expensive, regular quilt, $250.00 to $400.00.

  6. They are gorgeous Bonnie. This is definately on my list of Bonnie quilts to make

  7. great quilts bonnie...and sunshine? what's that? --- cityquilter grace in rainy all week maine

  8. Hi Bonnie,

    What nice quilts for the new nephews. You do such nice interesting scrappy work!
    Waiting for spring here to start, 49 degrees here on the Eastern shore of Lake Michigan and breezy, brrr. I will be snuggling in a quilt tonight!
    Have a lovely weekend house hunting. ;-)

  9. Those baby quilts are treasures! What a wonderful Auntie you are!

  10. Lucky babies! Just beautiful Bonnie, see you on QC later! :-)

  11. Lucky babies! Just beautiful Bonnie, see you on QC later! :-)

  12. The baby quilts turned out really nice, thanks for sharing and see you tonight on Quilt-Cam.


  13. That is a REALLY cute pattern! Won't see you on quilt cam - I'll be down in my sewing room, nose to the grindstone, cranking out quilt blocks for something to send to Oklahoma (my computer and the internet are upstairs). Must focus!

  14. Im so excited about this summer! I hope you have details soon about what materials we need to have for the retreat. School year finished mid June and I will be out of town for 5 weeks before the event. I want to have plenty of time to brood over my choices.

  15. The quilts look wonderful. At first I thought they would be too masculine with the homespun plaids, but once you added the sashing around the blocks, they became perfect for little boys. Awesome job!!

  16. I also have finished and shipped off a9 patch baby quilt for a new nephew(yet to be named) I LOVE the 2 sided sashing, and plan to use this in the future

  17. These quilts turned out fantastic! Two little boys are going to love their Aunt Bonnie!

  18. Those baby quilts turned out so cute!

    I have that same long ruler. You're right - it's not the best for every-day cutting, but is great for trimming edges.


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