Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Update on Libby Lehman

Those of you who are internet-connected, be it through news groups, email lists, facebook, message boards or other venues have probably heard about Libby Lehman’s on-going battle after a brain aneurysm and stroke hit her in rapid succession.

She is still in critical care, and her recovery may take a long time.  Prayers are much needed and appreciated.

I have to thank Ricky Tims especially for his continued updates sharing the news of how things are going with Libby.

Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims have done something extra special this week – they are airing two of Libby’s online classes on The Quilt Show for FREE.

Here is the update:

The latest is good and bad news. The doctor found some response on Libby's left side. However, there is blood leaking somewhere and they are keeping her sedated until they can find it.
While her recovery may take some time, we would like to share two TQS episodes that present Libby at her best. From now through Sunday, May 12, everyone (Basic and Star members) may watch both  Episode 112 and the "Libby Legend" Show (Episode 513) FREE.

What a great way to pull for Libby!

Click HERE to go take some classes from this extraordinary woman, and send her all the good vibes you can!

Not only has Libby taught us so much about quilting, but she is continuing to teach us about life, about love, about family, and those things that REALLY MATTER. 

Since hearing of Libby's condition,  I’ve been thinking a lot about my life being ran at break-neck speed over the past few years.  A medical condition can force us to take stock in our priorities and see if they need tweaking and adjusting.

If you would like to send Libby a card, her family sent the following info:

Libby is still recovering in hospital. We so appreciate all the caring support. Get well cards can be sent to Attn: Libby Lehman / 617 Caroline / Houston, TX 77002. We will try to post updates but will not be able to reply to everyone's FB messages & emails. Thank you all for understanding as we focus on Libby's healing. Sincere & grateful regards.

Hang in there, Libby!


  1. you said last year you were cutting back on the traveling this year and it seems like this year you are on the road more than ever! Slow down girl and smell the roses. :o)

  2. Prayers for you dear lady..Miracles do happen

  3. How sad. I have enjoyed her of late on Quilting Arts with Pokey Bolton. Amazing what she can do with thread. My thoughts and prayers are for her and her family.

  4. Time to get that cabin in the mountains Bonnie! We love you and need you to take care of yourself. We will still be here. We're not going anywhere!

  5. It may be time to showcase your wonderful locale and let your fans come to visit you there...still giving and sharing as you so enjoy, but closer to home...what do you think? Please keep us posted as you shape your schedule to meet your needs.

  6. We love you Bonnie and want you to take care of yourself. I myself work 50-60 hour weeks and wonder the same thing.

  7. My Dad had a brain aneurysm followed by a stroke that affected his right side 27 years ago when he was only 57. He is 80 now and still with us. He never recovered the use of his right side or his speech, but he can curse amazingly!! It is a joy to us all that we still have him. Otherwise he is in fine health. There is hope for Libby's family. Prayers and thoughts from Cork, Ireland.

  8. Anonymous7:24 PM EDT

    Bonnie - thank you for sharing the update.
    Remember life is meant to be LIVED. If you are living and doing what you enjoy, you are doing it right. Remember to spend time with the ones you love, and keep the priorities straight. Tomorrow is NOT promised...do your best today; don't put off until LATER spending time with the family, taking the trips together, smelling the flowers. Don't let "work" define you. Been there, done that...can't ever fix what we didn't do right the first time around! Remember to keep the ones you love FIRST!
    Mary / G'town Delaware

  9. We are going through our own little medical "surprise" right now. These kind of things help to redefine what is real and what enhances your life and family and what doesn't. You quit worrying about unnecessary things, if nothing else because there just isn't any room for them too. You realize that Right Now is the right time for all of those important things and everything else is just a distraction. I encourage you to find those things and don't wait to be compelled. We love you Bonnie and even if we had to give you up, we would, to make sure that you're where and how you need to be.

    Find that cabin. Hug your DH and your boys.

  10. I hadn't heard about Libby. Thanks for keeping us up to date.

  11. I remember Meeting her when her first Threadplay book came out. I took a class at my Local Bernina dealership from her. I have a picture of myself with her and the lady who was my first Quilting Mentor. I also met her at our EXPO in Puyallup, WASHINGTON. So kind to everyone. Thanks to you and to Ricky Tims who are keeping us all updated.

  12. I had the privilege of meeting and watching Libby present at one of Ricky's Quilting weekends in Wisconsin a couple of years ago. Libby and Alex had to present Ricky's sessions because he became so ill it had to be hospitalized. She is an awesome lady.

  13. I met Libby at the Downey, CA, Ricky Tims Quilt Seminar that he does with Libby and Alex Anderson. I have used so many of her quilting tips in my quilts. She's always so honest about how she corrected an oops! in a quilt. I'm praying for her and her family, too.

  14. LOL...it is the right party for us! Great chuckle from that guy!

  15. Blessing and prayers for this wonderful LADY

  16. Anonymous11:32 PM EDT

    I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope she improves. I remember a trunk show she did around the time she wrote Threadplay for a local quilt group. A wonderful and talented lady.

  17. It may be time to "take your life back." We will still be here waiting to share with you. Life is so short. Never forget to tell your loved ones that you love them, we have no way of knowing if we will ever have another chance to do that. I am speaking from experience and regrets. Treasure tie time that you have with your family, they are the most important people in the world to you. I hope your Son is better by now. It was Smart of him to go to a specialist of communicable diseases. My Son had to be in the hospital last summer with a "pimple." he even had to have surgery on it. It had turned into staph infection.


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