Saturday, May 11, 2013

Susan Decoupaged It!

You can imagine my squeals of delight when I saw Susan setting up her machine!

She’s been busy with the Mod Podge on her machine case……these were the  patterns used for her children’s Halloween costumes when they were FOUR YEARS OLD!  What a great way to preserve the memories!

I’m seriously thinking this is a great way to preserve the patterns that I had published by Butterick “Back in the 90s” for my dolls and stuffed animals!  CUTE CUTE CUTE! 

((Kathy, if you are reading this….do you see what you inspired with your Mod Podge Adventures?  Click HERE to watch the YouTube Video on this post as well!))

Here is another view, because one view is simply not enough:

GlensFalls_NY2013 048

Shiny, glossy….Ooooh!!

But  look at the MACHINE!

GlensFalls_NY2013 046


She said she got it for something like $25.00 and it had lived in a guy's barn for who knows how long.  It sews like a dream!

I am in love with the decals – it’s a 1950’s Japanese Import……just LOVE LOVE LOVE these machines.

Thanks for sharing, Susan….I hope I didn’t get too much drool on both the case and the machine…..


  1. Okay. Definitely adding decoupaging patterns to old case to my projects list... I love that, Susan! You are so clever.

  2. What a great way to preserve so old patterns that bring back some great memories! Thanks for sharing Susan and Bonnie!

  3. I'm with Valerie ... definitely doing this to some of the older machine cases I have ... have been stashing cool clippings, patterns, paper to do it ... just going to have to jump in! This is REALLY cool ;-) That machine is very neat, too ... love, love, love the oldies! Linda

  4. Ultra cool! Great idea. Thanks for sharing!

  5. And she has a spool pin doily! Love the Burgundy striping detail on the machine!

  6. Like the patterns used for decoupage. Using old pattern envelopes would be interesting too.
    Do you have photos of the stuffed animal and doll patterns you designed? At one time I was into making stuffed animals. Once, I used a Simplicity pattern that cost 15 cents in 19?? to make a teddy bear from a worn out vintage quilt.

  7. That is exactly the machine my parents have. I learned to sew on that. My mom made costumes, my dad made curtains and reupholstered his airplane seats on it.

  8. I love the decoupage on this case!! And I am jealous of her machine!! I have been thinking of looking for one for myself. Anyone have any suggestions for where to find one and how much to pay?

  9. One of our local quilt shops has papered the walls of the restroom with old pattern tissue. It looks SEW charming!

  10. I'm going to have to end up buying a blue or green machine. Just one more is apparently not enough. Be well. Lane

  11. I knew I should have kept ALL those OLD patterns in the '80s! :-( will keep everything from now on! Terrific idea! :-) thanks for sharing!

  12. Thanks for beautiful sharing! Wish I had kept all those 1980s patterns! I will from now on!


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