Sunday, May 05, 2013

A Walk Through Hallowell!

Small and quaint, picturesque ----full of history!

That is how I would describe the tiny town of Hallowell, Maine.

The streets are lined with old buildings, tall chimneys from days gone by, lots of little shops for window browsing, and a good selection of eateries to satisfy any kind of appetite….We found ourselves down here on TWO nights just because we liked it so much!

Everything about this little town screams New England to me.

The original settlers came to what is now known as Hallowell in 1762.  There are signs all throughout the town listing historic landmarks and pointing out interesting facts about the town.

Maine_May2013 116-001

I love those tall chimneys all in a row.

Maine_May2013 227

This is the congregational church.  Its spires and towers stand tall against the blue evening sky.

Maine_May2013 226

The church was built in 1790!

I wish I could see those stained glass windows from the inside looking out ----I bet they are glorious!

Maine_May2013 230

Up the street from the church is a house that I have come to recognize as quintessentially MAINE! Big House connected to Little House, connected to Back House, and finally connected to Barn!  Click HERE to read more about connected houses in New England.  With harsh winters, no one ever has to even step outside to go care for the family animals.

And all the while I’m thinking about what great Quilting Space that would be!

Maine_May2013 214

While the forsythia has been long gone in North Carolina, it is just reaching its peak here in New England!

Maine_May2013 213

It was a great evening to take a walk around Hallowell and enjoy this sweet little town along the Kennebec River valley.

Tomorrow…..I’ll wave it all goodbye as I fly home……and promise myself that I will come back and spend MORE TIME, NEXT TIME!


  1. Thank you for your photos and descriptions of the towns you are in... I don't get to travel so it is so interesting to see and read about other places..

  2. oh wow--this is so quaint!!! ever been to Old Colorado city just outside of Colorado Springs? that is my favorite spot on this side of the country. I have a lot of favorite spots so long as they have tree lined sidewalks/streets and homes and shops to go in and out of! nothing like that here but I sure dont want to scare you out of coming here...Feb is a great month to be here! :-) *~*CAROLE*~*

  3. I love Old Colorado city!!! We love to drive down there to go antiquing! Hallowell sounds so wonderful and reminds me of Old Colorado city! I would love to visit just such a town. The church is just beautiful and amazing that it was built in 1790! That means that it is 223 years old! I live stained glass windows. That connected house is lovely. When my father retired he moved back to Ohio and bought a house where the living part was connected the the big kitchen. He did build a garage and work shop that were connected to each other and the house. The barn and grainery weren't connected to the house though. I used to love going out there in the fall. The Kennebec River valley looks so peaceful. I'm sure you will love it if you spend more time next time.

  4. Love your tour blogs as much as your quilty blogs Bonnie. I have been to many parts of the US, on quite a few trips, but have never visited New England. It has been on my wish list for a long time.

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  6. Did you have a chance to shop any of the Maine quilt shops?

  7. I only live about an hr. away, and have yet to explore that town. I know there are quite a few little antique shops there just waiting for me to enter. There is a quilt shop there, one in the adjoining town of Gardiner, also a beautiful shop in Litchfield that specializes in CW fabrics. If you didn't get to them this time, you will have to on your next trip up. Hopefully you will teach a class at the Maine Quilt Show sometime. The quaint little coastal town of Boothbay isn't too far away from there either...so many reasons for you to come back.

  8. Hi Bonnie, I took your Jamestown Landing class on Friday. So glad you got a chance to see a little more of our beautiful state this time around. Such a lovely time of year here. Happy travels!

  9. I have wanted to go to Maine since I was in elementary school and I'm a couple of years older than you! I love your photos of the capitals and the history blogs! Thanks so much for sharing your life with us!

  10. Thank you for this wonderful write up on our city. Shared on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/HallowellArts


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