Friday, May 17, 2013

iPhone-o-Gram! My Blue Heaven Day!

It's My Blue Heaven Day in Ottawa, Illinois.!

33 students including one hand piecer are hard at work, digging in the scraps and making quilts in their favorite colors!

Much love from Ottawa –


Loris said...

Yea for the hand piecer! This such a gorgeous quilt. She will get to enjoy every little piece of it. I love hand piecing as well as machine piecing. Have a great time with your quilters!

pcflamingo said...

A hand piecer - brave soul! I need too much instant gratification for that :D

Clairellen said...

After many yrs of machine-piecing, and resisting that when my Gran tried to reach me at age 12, I have discovered how much I love it!

Liz in KY said...

I love the decor in the room you are teaching in - so happy!!!

Evie H said...

Wow, great gathering of busy bees! As an aside: Am I the only paranoid sewer -- I NEVER have a drink close to my machine or fabric or other quilting stuff. Guess I don't trust myself! =)

Anna-Marie Field said...

Hi There, Gosh it looks like a lot of fun!!!Have a super weekend!!!

Chris H said...

What fun!
I really must rejoin a quilting group.
I love love love blue too.