Tuesday, May 07, 2013

More Maine Antiquing!

A full night’s sleep that included a bit of later sleeping in?? BOY! Did I ever need that!

The “To-Do” list is quite long around here, and I’ve only got a couple of days to do it as I leave for New York on THURSDAY!

How about some Quilt-Cam time TONIGHT?!  It’s been a long time, and I know tomorrow night I’m going to have to get to bed extra early for another 4:15am run to the airport…..and I need NEED some machine time!

I’ll likely be working on borders for those baby quilts.  Be ready to come check the blog at 9pm eastern, click the arrow to start the live feed and we can do some catching up!

Now on to the lovely antiques we found while Antiquing in Brunswick…Sweet 1930s appliqued tulip...Lovely!  But this next one really caught my eye:


Love how this green has faded practically to grey ---

Maine_May2013 050

LOVE the yellow in the sashings and the 9 patch cornerstones!

Maine_May2013 051

The quilt was not in the greatest of shape ---and the hand quilting on it was minimal—mostly in the ditch, which caused the cotton batting to lump up and migrate over time.  Quilts that are more heavily quilted, with quilting that crosses seam lines tend to fare a bit better, but I just loved how graphic this is.  There is NO STOPPING Turkey Red!

Maine_May2013 054
Album Block Crib Quilt!

The 1880-1890's browns in this crib quilt were extra yummy….plenty of masculine plaids and stripes mixed in with the brown dress prints.  I saw this and instantly thought of lines of Jo Morton fabrics!

Maine_May2013 055


Maine_May2013 056

Love this one….with that fussy cut flower in the center of the block.

Maine_May2013 057


Maine_May2013 059


We had a sneaking suspicion however, that this was an earlier top or blocks….pieced together and backed later because of what is on the back side:

Maine_May2013 060


Who knows what the date on this feed sack is, but it is from Fort Wayne, Indiana.  The blue gingham sashings and binding could be ANYWHERE up to 1940…..blue gingham is found in nearly every decade.  Still….such a fun thing to see!

There are more quilts to share….perhaps tomorrow!

See you tonight for Quilt-Cam!


  1. Love the album crib quilt. A pattern done with "goodwill" shirts would be nice to have. (Hint, Hint)

  2. Hi Bonnie! Glad you are back home! I was wondering... when dating quilts... how do you tell the difference between original and reproduction fabrics?

    1. You have to study the originals to tell the difference.

  3. Anonymous10:48 AM EDT

    Such antique beauties. It would be so hard not to buy each and every one of these. Don't you just love those fabrics? IMagine, a woman sitting, piecing those quilts!!!

    They must be every early? Wasn't it until the mid 1800s they were able to find a stable green dye? I might have that date wrong...but these are old quilts lol.

    SLEEP is restorative, so sleep deep and well.

    1. Anonymous10:49 AM EDT

      OH!!! just how many frequent flyer miles do you have ... 3 trips around the world no doubt! lol

    2. Julie---they were awesome!!

  4. Ft. Wayne is where I live. We have Appleseed Quilt Guild and a lot of quilters here. I would have snatched that quilt up in a heartbeat, well after considering the price.

  5. Love them all ! Favorite is the crib quilt


  6. beautiful quilts ♥ and hooray !! for quilt cam tonight !!

  7. Love how the four center blocks are a little larger than the rest and have no sashing between them. Very creative way to handle blocks that may have been made at a different time, or by a different person and don't quite match the rest. Might have to try that with some of my orphan blocks.


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