Thursday, May 16, 2013


It’s been a busy travel day, as they always are…but we had a special agenda today!

I was met at the airport by Susan, who was taking me to Ottawa to meet up with Shelley, who was taking us BOTH down to Utica to visit the La Sale Historical Museum to see some very special STUFF!

So much stuff that it is going to take me a bit this evening to edit everything down and get it ready for tomorrow, but you won’t want to miss it!

As we left the urban sprawl of metropolitan Chicagoland behind, the scenery opened up to fields and farms……silos and barns….and it was such a pretty pretty day.

I just love the Midwest ---once the winter is gone!

If you’ve never been to Utica before….keep your eyes peeled or you might miss it! 

OttawaIL2013 017

One side of downtown Utica ---

OttawaIL2013 018

The OTHER side of downtown Utica!

I love small towns….we lived in Fruitland, Idaho when Jason was born across the river in Nyssa, Oregon, another small “blink or you’ll miss it” place.  These towns in the heartland are dear to my heart.  This is where you know your neighbors and your neighbors know you……and your business!

OttawaIL2013 015

The reason we are here…..is HERE!

OttawaIL2013 016

Before railroads were built, the canals were the main means of shipping grain and other goods to and from Chicago and beyond.  The museum is now housed in what was once the canal warehouse.

OttawaIL2013 104

I was quickly reminded that I am indeed in the “Land of Lincoln” and upon entering the museum was thrown back in time by the actual carriage that Abraham rode in while campaigning:

OttawaIL2013 103

it may be hard to read, but basically it says “Abraham Lincoln Sat Here!”

OttawaIL2013 105

Beaded 1860s dress.

I can NOT imagine wearing this thing……as I stood there in faded levis, tshirt and tennies….and I’m sure those from days gone by would not be happy to wear what ever I was wearing either.  Gosh I love history!

OttawaIL2013 019

Old hand hewn loom.

But where are the quilts, you ask?

Come back tomorrow!  There are too many to post here tonight ----and it’s going to take some time for me to get them presentable, but you will NOT want to miss them.  There were several quilts I took close up –white-glove photos of…..and I’ll be breaking it down over the next several days because you really…trust me….really can NOT take these in all at once!

Tomorrow is a My Blue Heaven workshop with the Illinois Valley Quilters of Ottawa ((And visitors from all over)) followed by a lecture tomorrow night, and a Jared Takes a Wife class on Saturday ---

I’m going to need a good night’s sleep to be ready for this……but first…did I mention that there is a CULVERS about a block from the hotel?!

Oh Happy Day!!


  1. My aunt had a loom like that. always wanted it but no place for it... so big. DH built me one much smaller. Love your trips since I am not much of a traveler. thanks. blessed are the ladys you will be teaching. know you will be having fun.

  2. Replies
    1. Closest thing to heaven if you love good hamburgers and great ice cream/custard ... YUM!!

  3. I Googled Culvers.....the menu made my tummy growl and my mouth water! Wish there was one close by.

  4. So glad you're in Illinois! Am desperately going to try and make it tomorrow night for the trunk show, but have an interview in the Chicago area at 3:00. Enjoy your time!

    Ann Mary

  5. Bonnie, have a wonderful time in Illinois. I wish I could be there, but heading to Iowa tomorrow. Illinois will have to wait another two weeks, when I will be visiting Val and Cj. Enjoy Val's new store. I love it!

  6. Hi There, That loom is amazing!!!Wonder if it still works!!! Have a awesome weekend!!!

    1. Yes, it still works. There is a lady that comes to the museum and works with it.

  7. Love the loom! I would love to have one and give it a try.... of course I would need another room in the house to put it!
    Looking forward to the quilt show!


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