Thursday, May 02, 2013

Show and Share…while I’m In The Air!

I’m off to Maine! 

They have promised NO SNOW..and I’m counting on the weather app on my phone being somewhat accurate..temps in the high 60’s pushing 70..and SUNSHINE!

Which makes me think of “airing out the quilts” in the spring time air, and I thought I’d do just that here while sharing some reader’s photos with you!

The next couple of days will be really busy, and I want you to know I am doing all I can to stay up to date on the blog…but sometimes travel kicks in and I am not easily as available to post as much as I do when I am home….so bear with me! 

First up…



Joanne’s My Blue Heaven!

She writes:

How you sew inspire.
I met you last October 2012 and gave you a pair of my knit hand cozies, this was around 10/15?.
Well any way here is my version of your "My Blue Heaven".
Quilt show theme is "Scraps To Treasure" show is in October 11-12, 2013 and this baby will be all hand quilted by then.
Going to be for Son & DIL and they will get to see at show as surprise.
sew again thanks for all your inspirations.
Joanne Alburger-Yeastedt
Way to go, Joanne!  It’s going to be beautiful! I love the border treatment you have given it!  Pattern for My Blue Heaven is found in the Free Patterns Tab HERE.
Next up!  Rebecca’s Star Gazing!

She writes:
Hi Bonnie! I know you have a very busy life but wanted to share my version of your Star Gazing quilt from Scraps and Shirttails.
I love all you quilts. I  want to thank you for all the help and inspiration you give to quilters. I also want to share how I did the binding for this quilt. I finished quilting it on a Saturday evening and realized I did not have anything I wanted to use for the binding.
Our local quilt store is closed on Sunday and Monday so I was going to have to wait till Tuesday to get fabric. As I looked at the long strips of fabric I had just trimmed from around the edge of the quilt I thought, “Why can’t I use those?” So I did.
I folded them over a couple of times and then cut 2 1/4” strips. There wasn’t as much sewing joining the strips and I had enough to bind my quilt. 
Quilt Back!  Love it!!
Thanks again, I have learned so much from reading your blog.
Rebecca Schnekenburger

Didn’t she do a great job??
How about another?
This is from Rose H!  She’s been busy with with the blues and greens!
She writes: 
Hello Bonnie,

I must first thank you for all the wonderful patterns and information on your website.  You do indeed inspire. 
Now I must share the story that goes with the attached quilts that I made for my sister Ann.(sorry they are a bit blurry)

I had offered to make her a quilt so last summer when she came for a visit she had a design in mind and money to spend so off we went to "Debbie's" our local quilt shop.  We spend over 3 hours in the shop and with the help of Debbie, her staff and several customers we picked out the fabric for her design choice of the trip around the world/bargello.  

Notice that each trip is a different fabric.  We purchased 50 different fabrics, I have never been real good at figuring my fabric needs and like normal I over estimated. 


And since this was Anns' fabric I decided to start a second top for her with the scraps and a few pieces from my stash.  As you can see I used your Smith Mountain Morning pattern.
I presented her with the quilts last week, she likes your design better then the one she chose for herself. These are king sized and I had to have the help of my husband and son to photograph. Once again on behalf of all quilters and those receiving those quilts a heart felt thank you.
Your friend in quilting,
Rose H
Now that’s what I call a two sided beauty!  Great job, Rose!  LOVE what you did with this quilt!  Smith Mountain Morning is found in Scraps & Shirttails II.

And from all the way Down Under, we have Lorraine!


Lorraine's Orca Bay!

She writes:
Hi Bonnie,
Just wanted to thank you again for offering these wonderful patterns.  I entered my Orca Bay quilt in my local CWA Exhibition. I won First Prize plus the trophy for the best piece of patchwork in the exhibition.
I have attached photos for you.

Kind regards,
Lorraine B
Frankston South, Victoria, Australia.


Congrats, Lorraine!!

 I love it when you share photos of quilts you’ve made from my designs with me!  It just makes my day --- so happy to know that we are a big wide world of scrap lovers and there is no stopping us now!
Have a wonderful Thursday, everyone.  Don’t forget to check out what’s going on over at Quiltmaker Magazine’s QUILTY PLEASURES for the 100 blocks, vol 7 giveaway!  My date with them is tomorrow, and my post is already uploaded and ready to air in the morning!
Don’t forget about Marie Bostwick’s Between Heaven & Texas  either!  My block was revealed YESTERDAY, but there is still time to catch that post, leave me a comment, and visit the other folks on the blog hop listed at the bottom of the post---there are new blocks being given EVERY DAY until May 10th!
Catch you from Maine!


  1. Lovely quilts - congrats, Ladies!

  2. Have safe travels! Lovely quilts!

  3. Pretty quilts! I'll see you tomorrow for Jamestown Landing! Can't wait! Thanks for coming all the way up to Maine. Its going to be a gorgeous weekend for visiting with us.

  4. GREAT! love the back of the one too. I'm fighting w how to make my backing larger right now for Easy Street. I'll send a pic when i'm done w it.... whenever that is.

  5. Bonnie, I hope they aren'y lying to you about the weather!!! Here in Kansas, what should be about a 75 degree sunny day, we are having 36 degrees and SNOWWWWWW!!! They say the record for the latest recorded snow for our area is May 3, over a hundred years ago! I had a cyst removed from my jaw yesterday, and I am snug and warm inside, just don't feel up to doing much, so I guess I'll do some blog hopping!! Have a great time.

  6. You work hard and have a challenging teaching and travel schedule. I don't mind if your blog posting slows down a bit now and then, do what you need to do to avoid burning out, and I hope your cold gets better!

  7. Thanks for taking the time to share with your travelling this week. My Easy Busy Street that I showed you in Portland will be shown at the Krazy Horse Quilt Show this week-end. Maybe I'll be lucky like Lorraine... I really enjoyed making it, so glad it was finished in time to show you! Hoping for the weather to be in your favor this week in the NE.

  8. Those are all just lovely! As I started reading it, I deiced I would pick a favorite early. I LOVED the first one, saw the second and said "I can't choose, it will have to be two", then saw the third and knew I was in trouble! I choose them all. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Hope you have a fun time in Maine, Bon. And are feeling better. Love ya,


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