Sunday, May 19, 2013

Showing & Sharing in Ottawa!

 Illinois quilters are THE BOMB!

I’m not sure if it is because the winters are nasty enough and long enough to drive everyone into quilting…or if there is something in this beautiful state that just produces such creativity, but I have been so amazed by the lovelies made by these quilters and their hands!

Have you EVER seen such tiny apple cores?  I swear…we can NEVER EVER throw ANYTHING out – EVER!!

Here’s the full piece laid out to show progress:

OttawaIL2013 209

These pieces are only something like 3/4” tall ….WOW!

OttawaIL2013 144

More Tiny Piecing!

But this is no small quilt!

OttawaIL2013 207

Holy baby 9 patch, Batman!!!

This quilt was made with 1” strips for 9 patches that finish at 1.5”.  Hmmmmmmmmmmm……and you thought *I* was crazy?!  ((Now you know why I love these ladies…I feel right at home here!))

The following photos are show and share from the last few days in Ottawa, both from the lunch hour at class time, and the show and tell at guild meeting.  Enjoy!
Ottawa, IL Show & Share, 2013

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  1. Amazing!!!! Every one of them.

  2. Love the apple cores and mini 9 patches. Inspires me not to give up on my 1/2" scrappy diamonds! go girls!

  3. Beautiful quilts. Even if you did get my hopes all up, with the title of this post.

    Krista in Ottawa (Ontario, Canada)

  4. Great slide show , Bonnie. Lovely ladies, fabulous quilts!

    Just got home from the Quilts UK 2013 show at Malvern. The award for best traditional patchwork went to an amazing hand pieced QUARTER INCH!! hexagons quilt. You would have melted if you'd seen it.


  5. I really like how you allow the quilter to bring their scrap quilts to share with the other students. Such inspiration for us all.

  6. Love the small but large nine patch also the moth in the window i think i will have to buy that magazine

  7. Wow! The Apple Core/Hatchet pieces are amazing. Did the quilter use a template? If so, is that template commercially available (and where)?

    1. I used paper templetes that are commercially available. You can google English Paper Piecing and find several vendors. These are the 1" templetes

  8. O.M.G!!!! I am totally, completely, in LOVE with the Mega mimi nine patch! I have been making NP's with 1 1/4" strips, so seeing this one just makes me want to work on mine even more! Thank you for sharing!

  9. Illinois quilters are indeed awesome! I hope when you come to Peoria in October that we can reinforce your image of the fabulous quilters that call Illinois home.

  10. Love the Joan quilt and the sentiment. I, too, have been working on one and this makes me want to move it to the top of the heap!

  11. Oh my goodness.....I do love a good quilt show :0) Looks like lots of happy Quilter :0).

    Safe travels Miss Bonnie and Happy Sewing

  12. Wow so many big and beautiful quilts!

  13. Love the slide shows. I especially love seeing the different colourways each design is done in.

  14. Bonnie... is pinning any of your images to Pinterest allowed? I would like people to see that teensy nine patch. It's awesome!!

  15. So much delightful eye candy...beautiful pieces each and every one. The tiny 9 patch falls quickly into my favorites category as I save my small pieces for pin cushions but I make sampler style blocks for the tops some with up to 40 pieces in a 4" cushion. But...I don't make them quickly and I do it to keep my finger mobile from freezing up due to medical issues, though I have to tell you, I have dreamt many times of a large quilt in tiny sampler blocks, but it will never be a reality for me, so this 9 patch beauty was a particular pleasure to see. Thanks again so much for sharing your day with us and thanks to the ladies whose quilts we were able to see also. Hugs...

  16. It's amazing that people spread out all over the globe can find someone just like themselves, with the same intense love of the quilting art! It is something in our DNA that speaks & won't be silenced until we make that quilt sandwich!

  17. Picking up my jaw off the floor...Now I know why I've been cutting my smallest scraps into one inch squares. A project to aspire to.

  18. Hi There, Looove it!!!
    Have a great week!!!

  19. After ogling the quilts in this post and gasping at their beauty, then I looked at the slideshow. OMG! So many gorgeous quilts and almost all were Bonnie patterns. You have created a cult of real producers of quilts, wheeee!

  20. You are so right Bonnie, this was a great show & tell. Those ladies know how to rock the Quiltville patterns (I so want to copy that gold/olive/blue Easy Street color scheme!!). And that baby nine-patch quilt? That woman deserves an award for the work and for the commemoration to her sister! Divine!

  21. Yes, I am a glutton for punishment, so I have to ask. Where in the world do you find templates for apple cores that small!?! I have been wanting to do an apple core quilt since I started quilting and have come to the conclusion that if it is ever going to happen, then it will have to be done by hand. lol


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