Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day Stitching!

I've boarded my flight in Newark for Greensboro and hexies are ready to roll.

I'm making quite a bit of progress!

I'm thinking about how much I need to prep not only for my trip to Illinois next week to visit with the quilters in Ottawa and St Charles, but for the trip after that----IRELAND!! There will be loads of hexie time on those flights.

I am getting so excited about that trip!

I've spent time talking to my sweet Mama today--missing her and wishing I could be with her on Mother's Day.

I've also talked to Jason who is waiting for me at home. They are grocery shopping for all the fixings for a steak dinner on the grill tonight.


Couple of hours more and I'll be home with my boys!!


  1. Good planning by your guys; grilling at home so that you can unwind rather than going out again! Thank you for your timely posting of the seam guide purchase information! I ordered 6 of them, one for each sewing station and a couple left over for gifts. Happy Mother's Day again!

  2. LOVE eating at home when someone else does the prep ... so much better than most restaurant meals! They'll treat you like the Queen you are, Bonnie! Travel safe and enjoy Illinois ... was born/raised there and the people where you're going are SO friendly and nice. If I still lived nearby I'd have tried to attend one of your workshops. Enjoy your Mom's Day! Linda

  3. Ahh...some Mother's Day pampering...you deserve it!! Hope you enjoy some relaxing time when you get home. Learned bunches from you this past weekend and enjoyed meeting some wonderful gals. I love how fast friendships form in quilting!
    Happy Mother's Day!
    Cindy in NY

  4. I am one of those Illinois people who is soooo excited to be taking both of your classes!!! It was a wonderful gift! Have a nice relaxing day and I will see you next Friday!!

  5. Happy Mother's Day. It will be so nice for you to spend time with your sons.

    I had hoped to get to the trunk show in Ottawa but my daughter who lives there is in the process of moving to Mississippi. (I live 5 hours away.) Maybe another time at another place.

  6. Love that picture with you and your mom! So nice that your "boys" are getting all the fixings for a steak dinner ready for you. Dinner always tastes better to me when someone else does the prep work and the clean up! Hope the rest of your Mother's Day is relaxing once you get home.

  7. Yippeeeee! I can't wait until Thursday when you get here!!!!! We are so ready for "Bonnie Fest"!!!!!

  8. No Wonder you are beautiful, you have a very beautiful mother! A belated happy mothers day to all across the USA!

  9. I know I should be ashamed. I have my own 10 year old hexie project that I should be finishing, but it just didn't speak to me. I started anew...and it's practically a copy of yours. Got a lot done during my own travels this week and hope to keep the excitement going. Thanks for sharing with this copycat. Lane


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