Saturday, May 11, 2013

What’s at the End of YOUR Rainbow?!

I’m not sure what you dream of finding at the end of YOUR rainbow, but as for me…I just KNOW it is….


I joined Ann, Judy and Judy’s hubby Kevin for dinner tonight as my *last hurrah*  here in Glens Falls…..and we headed out for a special treat afterwards to round out our evening.

After all, it’s NOT a visit to Glens Falls unless you stop and experience:

GlensFalls_NY2013 266

Rob & Deb’s Frozen Dreams!

It had rained really hard this afternoon…but we thought we could skate by and get our treat without getting wet ----

Boy, were we wrong!  The drizzle started as we were standing in line…and before we knew it we were huddling beneath the eves waiting for our treats.

GlensFalls_NY2013 268

Checking out the menu!

GlensFalls_NY2013 274

While we were standing there in the drippy drizzle, the rainbow appeared lighting up the twilight sky….can you see the echo of the second rainbow to the left of the first?  It’s a barely lit shadow, but it’s there!

GlensFalls_NY2013 276

YUMMY!  Pistachio…my fave!!

I’m back in my room, repacking and getting ready for an early turn in.  Ann is taking me back to Albany for the airport at 6:30 tomorrow morning. 

I’ll be spending PART of my Mother’s Day in NEWARK! :c/

Jason is already up from South Carolina, and I will be met at the airport by my hubby and sons and we’ll head out for a Mother’s Day dinner out --- heaven knows the only thing I’m making for dinner is a reservation at this point!

Thanks for the warm and welcoming hospitality, Wings Falls Quilters!  I hope to catch you again on a future return trip!


  1. Looks Yummy! Safe travels tomorrow and Happy Mother's Day. I just learned that you're coming to London Ky in March 2014. That's less than 2 hours from my home. YAY!! I'm going to register as soon as possible.

    Myrna in KY

  2. Great pictures. Yes, we should all have ice cream at the end of our rainbows! Safe travels, and hope Newark isn't too nuts!

  3. Pistachio is my favorite as well! When I was very young, our family would stop at Howard Johnson's for ice cream as a treat. It was the only place in our small town that had Pistachio. Yummy! Have a safe trip home tomorrow. Hope you have a very Happy Mother's Day!

  4. I am holding out for the pot of Gold at the end of my rainbow:) Happy Mothers Day Bonnie.

  5. Happy Mother's Day Bonnie!

  6. Yummo! And...rainbows are good luck!! Have a safe flight and a Happy Mother's Day! Hope you are pampered!

  7. One of my friends has a picture of the end of a rainbow that is a real treasure to her. Her son was serving in Afghanistan when a buddy took a picture of him "catching" a rainbow in his hat.

  8. Hi There, Lovely photos!!!Now I'll forever chase the end of the rainbow to find a ice cream just like yours!!!Who needs gold when you can have an ice cream like that??!!!!!

  9. Hey, Bonnie, I hope you will learn that NJ is not so bad. I hope Newark airport is not the only part that leaves you with the impression of NJ as a Whole. Wish I could meet you there sometime. I'd bring you some ice cream. 8-)

  10. Oh Sharon, I know most of NJ is lovely!! It's just the A gates at Newark that are a pain because they are so cramped and small and packed with weary travelers :)


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