Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Quilt-Cam 5/29/2013 Crumb-Diggity!

Isn't this Sweetie cute?

This is Mary Koval’s granddaughter, Indira and she was fascinated by Quilt-Cam the other night!

She heard me talking about my grasshopper sewing machine, and thought I was talking about a real CRICKET!

Mary said her eyes got big and she giggled and giggled then listened for about another 30 minutes….that’s QUITE the attention span!

Let’s hope I can keep the rest of you awake tonight.  I hope I can keep *MYSELF* awake for that matter!

I’m in the mood for some serious crumb demolition.

We all know the fabric never really goes away …the pieces just become smaller and smaller and smaller until all we are left with is a bucket of crumbs.

Remember when I got my school bus featherweight back from being painted?  Check this post HERE!

I had resurrected this project then, and  quickly buried it again once the holidays were upon us and we started redoing the basement floor.

I found them today. They are back OUT again!

I’ve been hard at work on some serious deadlines and I am too brain dead to want to match points or really pay attention tonight…so I’m crumbing it!

projects 013

If you want to join me….my papers are 2.5” X 8.5”.  The papers are there for a bit of stability but mostly to give me a size to shoot for.

Put your stitch length way down so the paper is easy to remove.

projects 014

Four strips sewn together make one block!

projects 015

Look what is in the center of this one!

No, not that cat --- but the star..DO you see a star?

I didn’t either…and that is why Papa’s Star from my first Dear Jane ended up in the orphan bin…toooo busy for such a small number.  Now it will have a place in this crumby mess!

Ready to sew?  Let’s Go!

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  1. Hi Bonnie, So glad I'm able to comment to you. I just figured it out. YAY!
    I just ended a Skype session with my sister in Iowa who is in a nursing home and fairly ill. Computers are wonderful. Oh and congrats on the cabin. We used to live in Salisbury, NC.

  2. Hey Bonnie, just checking in and saying hi - love watching QuiltCam but not quilting tonight cuz I was in the mood to crochet :)

  3. I am curious as to how small a piece has to be before you "get rid of it"?

  4. I was reading your page on binding and have a couple of questions. When I've entered quilts to be judged, the judges always tell me to "be careful on the binding corners". I always seem to get them bunchy. Do you trim your batting even with the quilt top or leave a bit to "stuff" the binding? After attaching the binding on the front, do you clip the corners to make them less bulky before hand-sewing or leave them and work with it? If you have time the next time you're binding with your feet up, maybe you can take new pictures of your corner work. I just can't seem to get them right. Thanks. Shelley

  5. Hi,
    Sat this weekend and sewed the binding on a baby quilt that is almost a year overdue while watching you on Youtube. :-) Tonight i am sewing up the binding for another quilt that I am hand quilting. Taking a break on the hand quilting as my finger is hurting from pushing the needle. Keep sewing!!

  6. Hi Bonnie,
    Had a sewing day today with friends and had a great time. Now going to try some crumb piecing with you!
    Meg in Michigan

  7. Love the crummy project!! Paper,duh!! I should have tried that before, mashes this much easier!!

  8. AHHHHHHH just as you were answering my question, I got "an error has occured, please try again later" lol maybe because of the thunder rolling in here

  9. I subscribed to Quiltmaker on my ipad to do the lazy Sunday mystery. I have part one done, part two cut out and partly sewn. I hope to finish it before the retreat!

  10. Love watching you doing crumbs! Have to do a binding here shortly. Just saw you are 1 (!!) blog follower short of 4000 - wow, way to go! Thanks for sharing all your quilty knowledge!

  11. great to watch you tonight, just sitting @ work at the firehouse watching; I could pull out my knitting but too tired. What type of paper are you using?

  12. I've been waiting all day to watch you again. I needed a break from trying to set up wireless that didn't work right. So fun to see you treadle. Hope my Quiltmaker magazine comes soon. I like your Addicted to scraps block there.

  13. yay, so happy you get to play with crumbs! I've actually run out of them so I've had to make faux crumbs!

  14. I'm watching your quilt-cam for the first time and I'm sewing borders on a quilt to give my grandson's teacher while I watch you. But I wish I knew how to use my grandmother's treadle machine because we are having a storm and I'm afraid the power will go any minute! You've inspired me to get that machine up and sewing!

  15. I've been sewing for etsy orders most of the day, but now I'm watching quilt cam, and sketching my next quilt, a gift for my brother.

  16. Greetings from Columbus, Ohio, from your chauffeur! This is the perfect block to sew on the treadle because I don't have to worry about seam width! Hugs & Piece! Catie

  17. Hey Bonnie,
    Not working on anything tonight....just kicked back and watching/listening to you. Built a new flower bed today and the heat just kicked my booty.
    Question...how do you get the paper off? You do take it off, right?
    Enjoying quilt cam tonight, thanks so much!

    Pam in Houston

  18. I'm taking a break from assembling my easy street blocks. I have all the parts done, the setting triangles, plus the block Bs assembled and two block As assembled. Trying to get the top together before some thread arrives and I have to quilt for some customers. Love the idea of renting the cabin to do a quilt retreat, sounds like fun.

  19. hey Bonnie Thanks for quilt camshire enjoy watching you someone told me you were born and raised in Idaho is this true

  20. I love listening to your treadle and I use mine when the power is out. But I have to ask you how do you keep bobbins wound for your treadle I have those long skinny ones and only a few so it seems like they run out really fast do you use a special thread to load it with more thread or just regular thread? Millboro quilter. from the South Dakota Prairies. Also I love your tip on the beginners and enders I am using this all the time now.. Thank you for that info I read it in the quilt magazine.

  21. Hi Bonnie
    Just now getting to check in UGH anyway what size are your paper strips your working with? And what thickness of paper? Any certain size of stitch for easy paper removal?
    Sorry if you already answered these questions.
    Glad to see you on Quilt Cam again it's been awhile since I have gotten the time to watch.
    Happy Treadling
    Brenda in Florida

    1. Hi, Brenda,
      the papers are 2,5x8,5", leftovers from the printer (?). She often uses telefonbookpaper.Today I tested this, it is stiff enough to stabilize by sewing and is easy to remove at the end.
      Ingrid from Moers/Germany

  22. Anonymous10:26 PM EDT

    Oh, Bonnie, please stop tempting me by talking about Monroe! lol So near, yet so far. The guild there has filled your workshops to capacity. Which, of course, is a good thing. If they don't treat you well tell them you know someone just an hour and half drive south that will! lol Will your husband let you come back home without pics/souvenirs from Duck Dynasty? Catherine

  23. Thanks for quilt cam again Bonnie, it gets me motivated to come in and sew instead of yard work or bookwork or just plain being lazy, I'm just mindlessly sewing 2 1/2' squares together, too tired to concentrate on anything else.
    Love the crumb project you are working on, you and your projects just amaze me, I love what you make.


  24. Thanks Bonnie from Central Alberta. My girlfriend Margaret writes you all the time...hope she was watching tonight too. You look tired. Hit that hot tub then catch some Z's. Fondly, Annette

  25. Thanks Bonnie from Central Alberta. My girlfriend Margaret writes you all the time...hope she was watching tonight too. You look tired. Hit that hot tub then catch some Z's. Fondly, Annette

  26. hi bonnie, I'm new at the leaving a comment, but i love your blog and quilt cam sessions. Love quiltmaker mags and looking forward to the new issue to continue the summer mystery, hope i win

    Annette Parsons

  27. Argggggh! Had that procedure today! Got home around 6 and promptly went to bed for a nap. Just woke up! Guess I'll catch quilt cam on YouTube! Btw, don't have to do that again for ten years! Celebrated successful prep and results with a trip to olive garden! But sorry i missed quilt cam live!

  28. I caught you on Quilt Cam tonight making your crumb strips and so wanted to play with my scrap basket. It is overlowing all over the sewing room. But I was good -- I listened and worked on my unfinished Easy Street. Thanks for motivating me to get back to sewing. I have a tendency to put off projects that need finishing and start new things.

  29. Love your quilt cam... will miss you as you have such a busy upcoming schedule and hoping Sunday works for you in the end :) Handquilting a pinwheel quilt and wondering what a leader ender is. thanks! Kathi

  30. I like the idea of the recipe cards to help us strict pattern followers get creative. :)

  31. Anonymous1:22 PM EDT

    Do you use a 1/4 inch seam when sewing the crumbs together?

  32. Jackie S9:34 AM EDT

    Hi Bonnie I'm Jackie from Adelaide, Australia and I am so excited I have finally found your cam on Crumbs. I so love how you do these strips. I have been saving my crumbs and cant wait to start!
    thanks heaps


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