Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Can’t Hardly Contain Myself!


While wandering through the classroom space taking pictures over the past couple of days, I notice a lot of my photos focused on things that Quilters put things “IN!”

Whether it was a re-purposed strawberry container, to a re-claimed baby wipes box ---we are top-notch at getting the most out of the things that most people might throw away.

Some containers and bags are made in guild or bee workshops. Some are purchased in sporting goods sections ----think of all the things you can do with a tackle box!

And some come from the tool aisle at Sears or Home Depot --- but ALL have Quiltability!

One quilter told a story, and I'm augmenting it here to keep it PG rated ---about how her hubby was known to love the "Big Box" home and tool stores....while they were wandering the aisles....she was looking for this, he was looking at that...she wandered a bit a way from him, but thinking he was right behind her said "Doesn't all this get you excited?" Only to find she had said it to "Some Other Man" --- and not her husband!

She said the look of confusion on the "Other Man's" face was priceless!

Oh we were rolling on the floor..what a hoot!

Delaware2012 043

A lidded baby wipes container holds a pre-cut stack of squares!

Delaware2012 046

There were lots of these caddies around --- they stay packed with “EVERYTHING” ready for the Quilter-on-the-go to GRAB IT ---- and GO! **Note**---the emergency pack of Twizzlers included!L :cD

Delaware2012 049

This tote was AWESOME, and on my “Must Have” list --- it’s an art bin tote..and comes with the bins to put projects in.

Delaware2012 047

Lots of zippered pockets on the front and the sides…..

Delaware2012 048

She still had the insert…look…COLORS!! I think she said it came from Michael’s or AC MOORE or something like that….definitely checking this puppy out!

Delaware2012 051

Of course there were plastic bins and boxes in all sizes and shapes….love this --- look at the production! 4 patches in one, squares and bricks in the other!

Delaware2012 052

The little carry wagon was great for rolling in supplies from the car ---- and then was used to raise this bin of parts off the floor, giving the Quilter more accessibility!

Delaware2012 053

Of course, we love our Longaberger baskets and are always looking for an opportunity to put them to good use!

Delaware2012 054

A re-purposed wet wipes container holds an assortment of pins!

Delaware2012 055

Organizer totes come in many shapes, sizes and colors……some come complete with cheese crackers for emergency quilt snacking! ((I personally thing that cheese crackers and twizzlers are perfect Quilt-Fare ;c) ))

Delaware2012 062

There were lots of these guys around --- in all colors too. I have one at home and I’ve yet to put hauling it around into practice ----but MAN you can fit a lot of neccessities in this little guy!

Delaware2012 064

Of course the ever popular Tutto luggage was there in attendance too --- this is a serger bag --- but works even better as a PROJECT BAG --- it holds a ton of fabric and project parts, pockets everywhere make it easy to keep your stuff ready to grab and go ---OF course it matched the rolling bag too that holds the sewing machine --- I have to laugh at how our quilting luggage is usually of better quality than the luggage our clothes go in to travel ;c)

Delaware2012 089

Quilters LOVE containers! This was the tiniest of plastic lidded bins --- and it holds pins! Oh, how I love Office Supply stores ---

Delaware2012 097

Be on the look out for one of these divided bins! The dividers come out, you can use them or not, arranging the space to fit squares, brings, strips, triangles ----and it’s a deep one! I think she said it came from Joann's ---on a 50% off sale of course!

Delaware2012 137

Did you catch this one in this morning’s slide show?! This tote doubles as a machine mat, with pockets to hold scissors, seam ripper, other tools…but I love the panel and what it says! Therapy In Session! LOL!

Delaware2012 150

One group of ladies made these totes in a class….it’s got a zippered pocket in front…little pockets for tools…..a perfect catch all! Everything you need for a sew day away, right at your fingertips!

Not only is it fun to see what quilters are sewing ON --- but what they are sewing WITH –—and what they use to make their “away from home” space their own with everything they need for the day ---

I DO need to find myself one of those “art bin” totes with all the boxes above ----

iPhone-o-Gram! Cathedral Stars!

It's day 3 of workshops with the helping hands quilt guild of Dover Delaware!

There are three units we are working with---4 patches, Half-Square triangles and Tri-Recs units!

We've tackled 4 patches! We've worked on half square triangles!

We are breaking for the 4th buffet meal in 3 days!! Love quilters and pot luck lunches!

How's your Tuesday going!!?

String Spider Webs in Dover!

As you saw from yesterday’s Iphone-O-Gram --- we were busy up to our ears in piles of strings and scraps!

The biggest hit of the day of course was the HUGE mound of strips on the community scrap table ----Bring some, take some, share some --- and I admit, even a few are going home with ME!

A wonderful time was had by all as we sewed blocks in many different themes and color combos….

We had Christmas quilts, Halloween quilts, batik ones and black/white/yellow ones ----backgrounds of as varied colorways as I have ever seen anywhere --- this is what is so fun to watch come about.

You know what though? I don’t think there was a single person who used RED as a background……I’ve had it on my mind to do solid red as a background for a long time --- like right---when am I supposed to find the time to remake this quilt?! Oh, some day!

Delaware2012 158

I have to show you one of the coolest of all….this is Wanda’s “Wizard of Oz” theme…..she fussy cut her “kites” out of larger Wizard of Oz prints….it is going to be SO awesome when she gets it done!

They were all turning out so great, and of course, no one made a dent in any amount of fabric they brought to sew with --- that that wasn’t REALLY the point of getting together, was it? Nope….we gathered to enjoy each other and mingle, converse, laugh, support, share and learn. Any fabric usage is secondary!

And after the raid on that scrap table, I think there were some that left with more than they came with! LOL!

So on with the slide show:

After class, we high tailed it over to the church where the guild meeting was to be held ---we unloaded the trunk show, set things up, and made a bee-line back to Marti’s for a bit of R&R ---((Take that to mean that I crashed for a 1.5 hr much needed NAP!)) and then headed back to meet up with the ladies at 6pm for a meeting that started at 6:30 ----

Time is winding down in Delaware --- it flies so fast! We have today ---it’s a Cathedral Stars workshop day ---dinner out with the guild ladies, and then tomorrow ---back to Baltimore for my home flight.

Enjoy your Tuesday, everyone!