Sunday, March 04, 2012

Quilt Jacking Alert! Please Help Spread The Word!

The more I hear about this the more I am afraid to be a traveling quilter with quilts always in my car, or in my luggage. What do people think they are DOING stealing a quilt? It’s just so wrong--- it’s absurd!

Patsy Thompson is an amazing quilter and fiber artist. She recently had her car broken into and posted about her missing quilts HERE.

Yes. That was QUILTS. As in --- More than one.

The quilts were stolen when someone(s) broke into her car in Corbin, KY. They also took her sewing machine and other items.

Read Patsy’s post. You can hear her despair and the sound of defeat in her voice. The quilts that were stolen were not even complete quilts yet, they were pieces in progress – so what good are they to the person who stole them? It’s insane. Seriously. When not even your needlework in progress is safe in a locked car.


This is another one of Patsy’s works in progress…the last photo she had of it, she’d added more to it since this photo was taken and the incomplete top was stolen out of her car. Can you believe it?

Please help me get the word out on this. Please pass the link to this post on to your email lists, your fb walls, your news groups, message boards & flicker groups –wherever quilters gather.

It’s a long shot, as Patsy fears, to find her treasures, but we can at least spread the word and rally round her and help.

Thanks everyone --- this just makes me so sad.


  1. Sounds like kids breaking into cars for anything - I would start checking thrift shops in the area.

  2. I will keep my eyes open everywhere I go. So sad. :(

  3. Maybe consider a Lo Jack for quilts!!! I know that some hunters attach something to the collar of their prized hunting dogs to help locate them if they get lost. Just an idea. I sure hope she finds her quilts, they are beautiful.

  4. The worst is these thieves will throw this quilts away. They don't imagine(and aren't concerned either) how much value a quilt have... This is SO SAD!!! I hope she find them all!

  5. They were stolen in Corbin, KY. I'm hoping that spreading the word will enable her to get the quilts and blocks back. Her machine was stolen, too. Thanks for posting, Bonnie!

  6. So awful. I hope they're found and returned quickly.

  7. I left my condolences, and this comment, too:
    I think Of the times when I deliberately put a work in progress in my passenger seat, so that when I got back to the car after a day at (non creative) work, I would see it and be motivated to work on it when i got home. Or, just because it made me happy. I've run into other quilter that way, too. Once got a nice note under the windshield wiper saying "saw your quilt- I'm a quilter in (department name)- come say Hi!" No more, I guess.

    Why are humans like this?

  8. I saw her blog about the theft and it saddens me.
    She does such beautiful work and for someone to do that, is behind my comprehension.


  9. Some individuals just plain STINK ! ! !

  10. My very first thought about this of course was "OH NO", then how embarrassed I am. Kentucky is my home state and I am very proud of being from Kentucky and it breaks my heart to think that someone from my home state would steal something as precious as another person's quilts. I do hope she is lucky enough to find them again, I can only imagine how bad she feels overf her loss, so very sorry.

  11. Anonymous3:16 PM EST

    What is wrong with people? It is sad to hear about people stealing quilts. I keep my current hand quilting project in the car, since I work on it while Iwait for my son to get to the car after school. I never thought of a quilt as a high theft item. Just so sad.

  12. This is just horrific!!! Makes me so sad!

    Yes, I think of YOU and your duffle bags full everytime there is a
    announcement of another stolen quilt.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Hugs to Patsy! How cruel!!! I share the pain. My van has been broken into 3 times last year. They ripped out my stereo/DVD player the first time. I won't replace it so they can just steal it again. I think there is a special hell for theives. It just makes me grrrrrr!

  15. Anonymous5:27 PM EST

    What a darn shame. Did they ever find the one that was stolen from Houston (?) show a few months ago. Never heard anymore about that one. Just can't believe people are that desparate!!

  16. Anonymous7:40 PM EST

    Makes you want to strangle someone but unfortunately people will do awful things. I sure hope Patsy finds her stolen property and I'll keep my fingers crossed she gets things back soon.

  17. Anonymous7:48 PM EST

    This is so sad. Huge loss. We will all keep our eyes open.

  18. this is an eye opening post. I am from Kentucky also. Will keep eyes open. Hopefully, these will be found and the theives brought to justice. I wonder how they would try to make money from these. I can see maybe the sewing machines, but since quilts are so easily identified, I am wondering about their plan. Since this is happening more and more often, there must an underground ring or something?

  19. Anonymous8:26 PM EST

    First place I would look for lost or missing is Craig's List. Seems to be so easy to steal someone's stuff and resell. One would think they would at least move it out of the immediate area in the hopes of an owner not showing up.

  20. Unbelievable, my heart goes out to Patsy. It seems like some people feel like they can take anything they want whenever. They are gorgeous.

  21. Anonymous7:51 PM EST

    I am very sorry for Patsy's loss. These quilts were obviously a part of her absolutely gorgeous, I will keep Patsy in my prayers, and pray that they are recovered.

  22. Anonymous5:02 PM EST

    New Quilter--I agree that this is more than just a crime. Look in the Thrift stores in Corbin Ky. But, I bet you have already done this. I will pass the info on.

  23. Anonymous7:39 PM EST

    Believe it or not it is ususally other quilters doing the stealing. Just talk to vendors at quilt shows or shop owners. Alot of those sweet old gramma's are are not so sweet.

  24. Anonymous10:14 PM EST

    Very sad to hear of Patsy's loss. I will send a notice to my friends in other states to be on the lookout. Places to watch are Craig's list, eBay, and flea markets. Prayers that the quilts and machine will be found and the culprits punished.


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