Friday, March 30, 2012

iPhone-O-Gram! Weather Delays!

Hello from Chicago!

Yes, I'm still n Chicago. Actually, I just GOT to Chicago. Because my flight was delayed out of Greensboro due to Chicago storms.

I'm still on my way to Moline-- just a few hours late.

I hope the bags stay with me, or at least are waiting for me by the time I get there. If there are no people flights, how do bags get there ahead? I have no idea but it happens!

Here is a pic of the hexie section up to date. In case you wanted to know how many hexies you can add from Greensboro to Chicago, the answer is. ((Insert drumroll)).....13!!

I've got 2.5 hrs til the next flight boards so I'm sure that number will increase!

I should arrive in Moline about 4pm now---barring any more weather upsets!


  1. Oooo---hexagons lookin' great--I see you are taking that side trip to "hexagonia" as I did, too....Julierose

  2. Bonnie let me tell you about you about my 36 hours of horror. I flew from Rochester, NY to Kansas City one summer and it took me 36 hours, seven airports, and eight airplanes. THere was a group of about seven strangers who became friends on this journey. This included spending six hours sitting on the run way so we did not loose our place in line and our flight crew, to only end up back at the gate with no flight crew, sleeping on the floor at the airport only to get told to move, for what we thought was vacuuming in the middle of the night, but was actually shampooing, so we had to sleep in chairs. My poor father made the one hour trip to the airport three times to find out I was not there due to the flight being canceled because by the time I could call him he had already left the house. (He did not have a cell phone.) One of the strangers/friends in the group passed his phone around so people without one could call to let people know we were delayed or rerouted again. When it came to the last flight I told them if this plane is not going to KC, then put me on one back to Rochester and refund my ticket. It was exhausting running through airports to catch the flight before it left, only to get on and then get back off or to fly to a different city and it was all because of WEATHER issues. I hope that you get to Moline with all your bags in a much more timely manner.

  3. Heck, I could drive to O'Hare and pick you up and get you to Davenport by car in that amount of time. Sorry!

  4. Anonymous7:11 PM EDT


    I'm not a traveler, unless it by car

    The hexies are looking great Bonnie, will you be prepping another when this quilt is done? ; )

  5. So, I always want to bring a project with me when I fly but never have. No issues then with bringing seam ripper, needles, etc? My fear was that either they'd take my stuff or it would trigger additional screening getting me the FULL TSA experience! :)

  6. do you live at airports?

  7. hope you got there on time. I wiss I could have come to Moline to see you. I belonged to the guild there before we moved in 2000. Daugher still lives there, our quilt show is this weekend or I would have tried to see if space in your classes. Hope you come close again...

  8. Crap....wish I had known. I would have come out to the airport to see you. :)


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