Saturday, March 03, 2012

iPhone-o-Gram! One Down 13 to Go!!

Yes, I came to Bee Sew Day!

I am so happy to be surrounded by such talented ladies! I am inspired by their projects, delighted in the conversation and laughter, and encouraged to keep going on this long time UFO---

Definitely a great day to spend some time with friends!


  1. Glad you are having a great day with friends!

    That looks an intriguing block, blending in with the magenta machine, so colour coordinated!

    Susan (uk).

  2. ooh ooh, let's see more pics throughout the day!! Have fun

  3. I'm so glad you decided to go spend the day with your friends. Hoping tomorrow will be the day with your hubby! I can't wait to see more pictures!

  4. What a happy time for you! And who wouldn't have fun sewing on a magenta machine with a new foot pedal?!?

  5. That block is darling ....
    only 29 pieces - but whos counting?

  6. Love the color of your machine--who cares what is sews!!

  7. Glad to hear that you finally got the chance to spend the day with the ladies from your bee... I really wish I had a bee around that I could join *sighs*

    Have a really great day over there!
    I'm waitng for more pics from the other blocks :)

  8. What a great way to spend day...love how your block came out!

  9. Anonymous2:50 PM EST

    Love that block! Love every inspiration you've given us all!

  10. I wondered if you had all your blocks pre-cut in those bags you showed. Nice block! Glad you got to GO. You still have Sunday with your DH.

  11. Bonnie, do you ever have tension issues with your featherweight? When mine comes out to play I get tension issues and it's very frustrating because he (mine is named Ferdinand and he's nice and shiny and black) sews like there's no tomorrow but then I look at the tension and can't seem to adjust it right. Any ideas/clues?

    Love your blocks!

    Mavis in Victoria, BC

  12. what an adorable machine and love the block!


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