Thursday, March 22, 2012

Evening Edition: Free Kindle Book!

History. I love history. And I love learning history through they eyes of historical fiction – especially if the characters are believable and the plot lines plausible and intense.

It doesn’t feel like I’m being force-fed names, dates, events, places --- the way it did learning history in school! These are the kinds of novels I enjoy best.

River in the Sea by Tina Boscha is free today in the Amazon Kindle store, and has received a perfect 5 out of 5 stars based on 38 customer reviews.

Category: Historical Fiction

Book Description:

When a German soldier’s dog bolts in front of Leen’s truck, in a fraction of a second, she must make a choice: brake hard, or hit the gas.

She floors it.

What happens next sets off a chain of events that pitches Leen, just 15, and her family against the German forces when they are most desperate – and fierce. Leen tries to hold her family together, but despite her efforts, bit by bit everything falls apart.

And just when Leen experiences a horrific loss, she must make a decision that could forever brand her a traitor, yet finally allow her to live as her heart desires.

A great choice for fans of Stones From the River, The Book Thief, Those Who Save Us, and Sarah’s Key,River in the Sea is a tale of first love, tragedy, intrigue and betrayal.

Not just another war story, it is that rare book that makes your “emotions just pour from the pages as you read and continue to root for the characters” (Valerie Bowen, author of the For the Sake of Amelia series, 5/5 stars).

Inspired by the life of the author’s mother, River in the Sea is a powerfully moving account of one girl reaching adulthood when everything she believes about family, friendship, and loyalty is questioned by war.

More praise for River in the Sea:

"I loved this book. The story is beautifully written and I didn't want it to end."--S. Seifert, 5/5 stars

"This enovel is beautifully written, with descriptions and details that are exquisite and eloquent. Boscha is not only a competent writer, she excels at it."--eNovel Reviews

"Two words I could say to sum up this book are 'enchanting' and 'emotional' ... it blew me away."--RJ Moore

"Her book is engrossing and horrifying at the same time, a tale of what it's like to be hungry, sick and worried that life, family and freedom will never be the same again..."--Register-Guard

"The story is bitter like cinnamon, and like that spice, has a scent which lures you back."--Cidney Swanson, author of the Rippler series

"Tina Boscha's prose is exemplary; her protagonist in River in the Sea is highly sympathetic; and her setting of Friesland, Netherlands, is alive with details. I fell in love with her tender gaze at the world she creates."
 --Samrat Upadhyay, author of The Guru of Love

So there you have it. I’ve been to the Netherlands twice ---such a wonderful place. My friend Lucy talks often of growing up in Friesland ---I’ve never made it to that part of the country, but I’d love to some day. These are more reasons why I clicked to get the book while it was still free. Be sure it’s still free for you when you go to check out, as prices can change without notice.

I got my book orders all taken care of today--- so if you are one of the ones who ordered while I was in California, it’s on it’s way to you now! I also went and indulged in a massage --- because I needed it. All that sleeping in beds that are not my own, and trying to get comfortable on long flights puts a knot in my neck ---and tonight? I hope to sew!


  1. This book sounds great! Thanks!

    And plane rides are the hardest on my body, too! I always feel like I've been bent and squished to death! A message is necessary.....not an indulgence! You work hard....you deserve to feel good!

  2. Anonymous10:20 PM EDT

    I can't possibly read all these books unless I stop quilting! We have very similar tastes in reading materials and I just have to keep downloading all your great suggestions! It's an addiction and I know it. Keep those suggestions coming!
    Kathy Marlowe

  3. Glad I got this yesterday, it is now $7. Just remember in Australia we have no penny's . So everything is rounded up or down. $6.99 would be $7 or $6.93 would be $6.90.


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