Friday, March 16, 2012

Workshop #1, Shirttails!

Yesterday went by so fast it left us all a bit disoriented!

When a class goes from Noon to 7pm ---it feels like 4pm when you get out --- and then throw in time zone differences and the fact that I was up before 6am West Coast time and I honestly have NO IDEA what time is on the clock until you tell me what time it is!

I did take a nice long walk on my “free morning” day ---watching the overcast sky burn off to blue as the sun did its magic ----and there they were --- my favorite! The palms!

West coast, East coast, it matters not --- they stand tall and regal, and such a symbol of my growing up years.

glendaleCA2012 042

This is my other California Favorite --- Eucalyptus trees! Oh the smell they give off takes me right back to my growing up years in San Jose and our drives “over the hill” to Santa Cruz and the beach.

glendaleCA2012 043

I had to rub a few dried leaves in my hand just to release their pungent fragrance, closing my eyes and taking me back. End of the school year --- Senior Sneak day to the beach. Lunch at Togo’s deli --- #9 with the works ---ice cream at Maryann’s ---Senior Prom at the Coconut Grove ball room---memories keep flooding back.

There was plenty of time to keep walking, snapping pics of flowers, enjoying the morning, before getting back to my room for a shower, and class starting at noon.

glendaleCA2012 062

This was our workshop: Shirttails from Scraps & Shirttails I. I love the primitive feel of this quilt, and it is a great teaching opportunity to put the easy angle ruler and companion angle ruler to use for those who want to use that method instead of using regular rotary cutting increments. 4 patches, 3 sizes of triangles, flying geese units – and a whole boat load of scraps!

Some got blocks made and ready to go, some had stockpiled units ready to sew into blocks ---all had a great time!

Today we’ll do it all over again with Pineapple Blossom! The show opens, the vendor’s mall looks terrific from what I have seen through the windows and I can’t wait to do some exploring!

Have a great Friday everyone ---


  1. Anonymous9:18 AM EDT

    That looks like a huge Staghorn fern in that tree. You have a way with a camera as you do fabric.


  2. So, does it mean that I am addicted to shirts, if, when the guy stands up to speak you look at his shirt thinking you would really like that in your quilt? LOL!!!

  3. My husband tried on a new shirt the other day and instead of saying "I like that shirt" I said "that shirt would look great in a quilt...." Needless to say he was not happy....

  4. i love this quilt so much Bonnie! Need to make a quilt with mostly plaids. I have collected already a lot of plaids and can start immediately

  5. love your slide shows.... :>)

  6. Great quilt, I know those ladies are having a ball.

    I admit to buying shirts for my husband with an eye towards the end
    game of being in a quilt! of course I don't tell him :0)

    Happy Sewing

  7. "Give me a home amongst the gum trees..." No matter where I travel across the globe, eucalyptus trees, lovingly called Gum trees, always remind me of home - Australia. I know as an introduced species to the States they have become a feral plant in Florida, but I can't unlove them. And they are now found in so many countries. Enjoy the aroma,

  8. This is such a fun scrappy hodge-podge quilt. I agree with the others' perspective on men's shirts. I will never see them the same again.

  9. Bonnie your reminiscing about the part of CA where you grew up is just where my sister resides along Summit Rd off 17. You drive over to Soquel where Beverly's fabrics is and then down to Santa Cruz. It is so pretty there! I love to go visit. Thanks for bringing the memories back for me too. Marilyn in SC

  10. After college my husband and I lived in Santa Rosa for 5 years. Love the stories of "going over the hills" to Santa Cruz. We also loved floating the lazy Russian River on hot summer days. Thanks for the memories.

  11. I love eucalypts too.. A very Aussie smell.. My dad has a humungous one in his yard it would have to be four or five storeys tall.. It's full of native birds every afternoon...


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