Saturday, March 17, 2012

Lost Quilts & Found Quilts! Spread The Word!

I’ve appreciated your help in getting the word out when quilters have had quilts stolen, or gone missing ---It always breaks my heart to hear of such stories –I travel with many quilts in my bags, and each and every trip leaves me with a knot in my stomach, until I find them waiting for me at baggage claim….even IF they get stuck on the belt in LIttle Rock holding up everyone elses luggage behind them!

((Side note --- it was AWESOME to get the comment from the customer relations person----right on the blog post --- that they were sorry I had trouble with the baggage arrival and that they hope I enjoyed the rest of my stay! How awesome is that?! Thank you Google Alerts!))

Today I have a request from someone of a different nature ---how about a FOUND QUILT that has no owner?!

Judy Writes:

You each reach so many quilters with your blog. Would you consider adding this alert to your blog to help find this quilts home?

Thanks,Judy D

So here is the story as it was sent to me. There is even a video included with the full story HERE.

PIEDMONT, Oklahoma -

The Piedmont Service Center is looking to find the owner of very special looking quilt, lost in the deadly tornado that hit the area in May 2011.

It was discovered two months after the storm, but today its owner is still a mystery. The quilt was found in a field by a local farmer, then washed by another woman, and delivered to the service center last summer. Ever since then, a volunteer has tried to find out who it belongs to.


The tag says made by "Grammie" on it and it looks like it has been passed down through years.

"Everyone was in their storm shelters and praying it wouldn't hit piedmont," said Mary Growe.

Growe helped all she could at the Piedmont Service Center following the tornadoes.

"It's brought everybody together. People went all out to help everybody," said Growe.

Now, Growe is trying to help another tornado victim who lost a quilt, a quilt that looks to have significant meaning for an entire family.

"It was made by 'Grammie'," said Growe.


On the quilt are pictures of dresses and names, all stitched with care.

"She did the same pattern for girls, but all in a different dress."

By the looks of it, "Grammie" has 20 special girls.

"If this is all her grandkids, I'm amazed. I have a lot of grandchildren, but not that many, and not all girls," said Growe. "Who knows where this came from. It could be as far as El Reno or further."

For now it will be at the Piedmont Service Center waiting for the family, if they ever come forward.

SO---this is where YOU can help! Please forward this post to your email lists, news groups, flicker groups, facebook walls, twitter---anywhere where quilters gather. Let’s let the quilting community know that this quilt needs to find it’s owner! It was stitched with love by Grammie ---let’s find who it belongs to!


  1. Oh, I hope the owner is found! And I hope we will get an update if you get one. Thanks for all the good you do, Bonnie!

  2. Tweeted, shared your post on FB and sent to my Yahoo groups x

  3. Anonymous3:48 PM EDT

    That is awesome. Let's hope and pray that the rightful owner is found.

  4. shared. Hopefully the quilt will find its way back to the owner soonish.

  5. this quilt has been registered with LostQuilt.com

  6. I saw this on the news last night, hope someone recognizes it!

  7. Anonymous10:53 PM EDT


  8. what a teary quilt story,,,,,,,,i soooooooooo hope someone comes to claim her,,,shes a beauty for sure,,,,,,,,,,will share where i can,,,,'

    blessings, flo

  9. Anonymous9:58 PM EDT

    Any update? - I shared FB.

  10. I had to go look...yes, the owner was found!!! http://wnow.worldnow.com/story/18620923/quilt-lost-during-piedmont-tornado-returned-home


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