Saturday, March 10, 2012

Accountant’s Wife Update!

Installment 3 of Randy’s “Sow-A-Long” was released this week. I’m a bit pokey getting started on it, mostly because I was out of town, and ---had a gazillion errands to run yesterday, not to mention I was firmly attached to the couch Thursday evening.

 I didn’t get a chance to even ENTER the basement studio until after all my errands and appointments were done!

But before I go any further, I have to say it was so nice to pull up home on Thursday evening and see my oldest son and my DH riding motorcycles around the acreage ---laughing and having great guy-bonding-time. They’d been to play golf already, both saying that they sucked, but agreed that made it funnier, and they had a good time. To see my sons building deeper relationships with their father as they mature further into adulthood, spending time together by CHOICE, not by compulsion – is a wonderful thing!

Jason stayed until after dinner, and then he took off on his way back to Columbia. Short visit, but worth it!

Okay..so back to my blocks. I’m glad she is doing only 2 installments a month! I don’t think I could keep up any other way. And for those wondering, our direction has changed just a bit.

Due to complications that I won’t go into, ((Or discuss in blog comments or via email, believing our choice is for the best-- )) we are simply making our own sampler quilts with 6” blocks pulled from many public domain and historical block sources. NO. RED. TAPE.

You don’t need a book to follow along. You can do the blocks you want to do, or substitute in another block in the same size if there is one you don’t like. Just come play! For those curious enough to want to know more, you can check THIS POST. Blocks are released over at Randy’s Blog, Barrister’s Block on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month.

Find Randy's post for this week's installment HERE.

Randy will be posting HER cutting directions. I’ll follow along and tell you what I did with mine. You choose what works for you. We may decide to do Linky Parties, or we may not. We are keeping this really casual ---like I said – NO. RED. TAPE!

I've even added a tab to the top of the blog so you can check back for easier reference -- see that up there? MY JUBILEE QUILT! I'm totally undecided still on the name for this quilt, and lately have been leaning toward "Cheddar Jubilee" but we'll see how it goes.

VirginiaBeach2012 104

See this pile of fabric?! These are shirt collars, yokes, and sleeves gifted to me for my birthday! Each time blocks are released I’m trying to grab pieces to use, and then tackle the leftovers from those pieces into submission! I pulled several and ironed them, not sure what I would use, or if I would use them all, but ironing helps!

VirginiaBeach2012 103

This poor yoke and collar is ALL that is left of a completely filleted shirt!

I proceeded to take the collar band off the top of the yoke, removed the collar from the collar band, tossed the collar band, cut the collar apart on the top stitching, saved the collar pieces for the string bin, trimmed the shoulder seams and the seam at the base of the yoke and separated those two layers --- it’s kind of like de-boning a chicken when you think about it, but you would be amazed how much usable fabric is in just this part! ((And yes, this is still my ugly ironing board cover! I should do something about it, but really, it’s not high on my list of priorities right now….))

accountantswife 009

Three different shirt parts with a bit of cheddar background went into this Churn Dash!

I used my easy angle ruler and 2.5” strips for the half square triangles. Two 1.5” X 11” rectangles were used for the rail fence portions….that gave me an inch extra for squaring and trimming before cutting into 4 2.5” sections. The center square is 2.5” cut also. It’s fun to see who else is playing along and how their blocks are coming out too – some so different depending on what they choose to go where! I tried to minimize the amount of visible cheddar in this block, knowing that this quilt is going to be swimming in it as it is.

accountantswife 008

Broken Dishes Block!

Simply made of 16 half square triangle units. I used my easy angle ruler and 2” strips to make the half square triangles for this block. The triangles finish at 1.5” which just happens to be my favorite size in the world ;c) But I bet you knew that already!

VirginiaBeach2012 108

Basket Block

I spent some extra time with this one because the original block we were working from didn’t have handles. You can see Randy’s block on her blog. A lot of baskets DON’T have handles, you know? But it just looked kinda nekkid on top….so I got EQ out and re-drafted it, moved some lines around, pieced in a handle, and sectioned the WHOLE THING off for paper piecing. If you want to try it, I’ve uploaded a PDF file HERE.

**Note** I've read from some that it didn't print out at 6" finished on their computers. That's beyond my control how different printers print ---so you may find yourself re-drafting it in the size you need ---but hey, it's free.

VirginiaBeach2012 105

Before cutting my sections apart ((The pdf file has sections numbered, this was my first one, I left it un-numbered)) I put a dash of color in each colored spot so I know what goes where. I usually don’t leave seam allowance on my sections ---but they are here on this one. The un-colored sections are background – so for me that means CHEDDAR!

VirginiaBeach2012 107

Here are my sections ready to be sewn together.

VirginiaBeach2012 109

And here are my 3 little blocks, along with the 5 leader/ender bow-ties that were sewn during the making of the 3 little blocks!

I’m happy to say that I do NOT have to catch a 5:20am flight on Sunday! – I was wrong! My flight isn’t until 12:44pm – which is OH SO MUCH BETTER! The travel goddesses must be watching out for me this trip! Better get packing ---

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  1. sharonmamaw8:50 AM EST

    I am loving this.... i am going thru scraps and getting started!!! thank you for the posts!!!

  2. I love that cheddar with those plaids! I just found two pairs of men's long pj bottoms that my sweetie "outgrew" (ahem--we won't go into that") and am thrilled. This will be my first foray into using fabrics from clothing....such fun, Bonnie. Have a fun/safe trip. Julierose

  3. I really like your fabric choices for the basket! I left the handle off, may applique one on later, depending...

  4. I like the handle. Maybe I will make one with and without. I still need to catch up on the other blocks. I got a late start. I am still working on Orca Bay.
    Cannot wait to see Bonnie in April in Rhode Island. Hopefully I will have Roll Cotton Roll mystery quilt — quilted and bound for Show & Tell.

  5. the basket from the book was driving me nuts,,,,,,,,,,i cant wait to try yours, and i love the little handle on yours,,,,,,but again,,,being new to quilting,,,this will probably drive me nuts also,,,,,tks bonnie for the second basket block,,,,and helping with the sow a long,,,,,Flo

  6. LOve your blocks with the cheddar and shirtings! And the basket block looks so much healthier!! I posted a link on my blog!! THANKS. I think I may print out your paper pieced block and do one, too!

  7. Well, I too, like the handle on your basket and want to thank you for the instructions on how to accomplish that. I made the first one handleless and it is cute but I think I will just make two! Handleless and Handled. That will be perfectly fine. Thanks again to both of you!

  8. Thanks for the handle. Just purchased school bus yellow. Appreciate the tab. Thank you

  9. and you wonder why we have so many quilts going at one time (WIPs and UFOs)..... cause of irresistible adorable little blocks and sew-a-longs. sew, i think i'm jumping in, catching up and start another quilt!!! thanks for the handle. we OCDs have trouble with handleless baskets. thanks to you both for all you do!!! :>)

  10. I'm actually caught up! I like the basket. Mine didn't turn out too bad...so don't know if I'll re-do it or not.

  11. Very fun, Bonnie! I put a handle on my basket as well, but in a different way. I'll probably post tonight. I am making two sets. My first one is shirts (remember the Farmer's Missing Shirts?--I've changed the name, too) and the other is Christmas fabrics. I still have one Christmas one to wrap up, but I have a family wedding today and won't get to it until tonight.
    I relate to your statement about fathers and sons bonding as the sons mature. My two youngest are doing similar things with their Dad in their 20s.

  12. Love the cheddar!! Your blocks look great. Thanks for the PP basket pattern, may just give it a try :-)
    Will most likely chose to applique a handle.
    Yes, I am going to enjoy the no drama sew along with Randy...

  13. Your jubilee quilt is looking fantastic already! It will be so you. About your ironing board, I made a quick cover for mine using pillow tickin - just a square with rounded corners and a casing for good, old-fashioned kitchen twine. Easily washable, and easily replaced!

  14. Hi Bonnie

    Love everything you do of course!! Can I ask a question? I have been making 1/2 square triangles for years and years using the add 7/8th method - so for a finished 2 inch unit I cut my squares 2 7/8 and then on the diagonal. I have an Easy Angle ( had one for years!) and I have decided to pull it out and use it for these blocks. I am a little nervous that the fabric is cut 2 1/2 instead of 2 7/8. Why does this work? Anyway - just wondering if you knew the physics behind this -LOL. And it's okay if you read this and you think "this woman in a loon!!" PS - I love the cheddar.

    1. Anonymous3:32 PM EST

      Math, not physics. The sticking out extra part that you usually trim off of the triangle isn't there on 1 of the 2 edges when you use the 2 1/2 inch strip. You don't have a "true" triangle using the strip as opposed to using a square that you cut in half giving you the triangles.

  15. Anonymous3:18 PM EST

    Bonnie, you and Randy are such blessings to the quilting world. Thanks for all the time you spend making our lives just a little easier.

  16. Oh Lord... at first I thought that blue thing was a thong!!!! I need a nap....

  17. Thanks for sharing your fun blocks and the PDF. As much as I dislike PP I will make at least one basket with your PDF for my Farmers wife. Mine are in my 30's fabrics. They are addictive, let me warn you...

  18. I made my basket from the PDF file that you posted and it came out too small. It finished at 6 1/4 inches instead of 6 1/2 inches. I made sure to cut on the seam allowance line and not the sewing line on the paper foundations. I don't know what I did wrong, but wanted to ask if anyone else had this problem.

  19. Mine came out too small too. I was sure to check that it was printing at 100% but just did't work for me.

  20. Anonymous10:06 PM EDT

    OOOOO, yea for 1962!! I'll catch up, thanks for the paper pieced basket.

  21. Thanks for the paper piecing pattern. I just took a class a few weeks ago and this looks like something I can do. I am all caught up on the last 6 and ready to go on the next ones. I am all excited because I get to see you in Little Rock tomorrow! I can't wait.


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