Sunday, March 18, 2012

Just a Lil’ Bit Star Struck!

Full class, full day, full of laughter, full of machines humming –all while it poured outside and was completely nasty.

I completely forgot it was St Paddy’s day until Melinda brought in our little mascot!

It may have made it a pain for people to get to the show, but once they were here – and all of the “class stuff” was out of the car, in the class room and everyone was drip drying, we agreed that there was NO BETTER PLACE to be on a day like this!

The show is humming along, and today is the last day. I took some time to walk the show yesterday, but it was hard to get pictures there were so many people standing in line in front of the quilts.

I spent quite a bit of time at he scissors/gadgets booth! Every kind of scissor and implement under the sun ----I may go back today with some thread in hand to see how things cut – that’s the crucial point for me. It matters not how cute things are, but that they make a good clean “Non frayed” cut on the end of the thread so I can get it through the eye of the needle.

glendaleCA2012 176

This pair? It’s for trimming bird beaks and talons. see how blunt those points are? As in --- WHAT POINTS?! I want to know if the circular part will cut thread cleanly. with those blunt tips, these should be safe to fly with --- but who knows?

glendaleCA2012 175

Little bit blurry, I got too close --- but se the circular part? It’s bladed on both sides ---so back I go with the thread today!

glendaleCA2012 177

These little cute plastic things are touted to be totally TSA proof. They were only $3 but I want to go back with thread today to see if they cut too. If they mangle the end of the thread, I don’t care how cute they are!

glendaleCA2012 150

So let’s get onto the class pics, shall we?! I tell you—some of these gals are dedicated! I’d had them for 3 days in a row by this point, and I’ve enjoyed getting to know each and every one of them a bit better! Enjoy the pics ----

Have a great Sunday everyone! I’m off to get this last day started! Should be fun --- we’re doing Scrappy Mountain Majesties today!


  1. thanks for showing the photos of the scissors - I'm going to Paducah in April and I will make sure to look for a "scissor" booth - I don't do a lot of flying like you do but it is always nice to know that there are scissors out there that will be ok to bring though the inspection line for the few times a year that I might fly.

  2. When I checked with the TSA, I was told anything with less than a 3" blade was allowed. I have flown many times with Stork scissors and never been questioned about them. I know that it really depends on what airport you are flying out of, and maybe even the agent is on duty. Have you ever had scissors taken away? I am asking because I do not fly as much as you do, and I don't want to lose my favorite scissors because I have misinformation.

  3. Thanks again for sharing pics from your class! The blocks remind me of a kaleidoscope we all used when we were younger. All the many beautiful blocks and the great and various color selections. Have fun today as the sun is shining in your classroom!

  4. It's interesting. I see a totally different pattern in the salmon, peach and green blocks. The diamond really stands out and I see blades spinning around it...like flags being spun by a girl in a parade. Different colors can pull different areas out I guess.

    Love the red, white and blue. My dad was Army WWII and father-in-love Marine Korea and Vietnam so " the colors" are always special.

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  6. Anonymous12:16 PM EDT

    Lots of blue stars. Blue and yellow! I'm not the only one that has lots of that color I guess. They are all very pretty.

  7. TSA is unpredictable! I once went through the same line twice - an hour apart - and was cleared once, and wanded and patted down the next time. I'm 72 years old! But if I want to sew on a plane, I cut a bunch of threads before hand, and sort of tie them to something. It's
    messy and leaves ends to trim later, but so far so good

  8. Don't forget to let us know which scissors past the "cutting" test! Enjoyed your class pictures, as always.

  9. What fun to see all the pictures of your workshop! I feel like I am right there with all the other gals, sewing, trading neutrals, and hanging on your every word.


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