Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Readjusting the Body Clock!

Why is it so hard to switch time zones?

It takes me a good 3 to 4 days to get back normal, and let’s just say that after leaving California --- I’m STILL not there yet! Maybe another day or so.

My body wouldn’t let me get to sleep last night til well past midnight-thirty----and then I slept like the dead until 10am!

10am?! Could that be right? I looked at the clock, and then double checked on my cell phone. I NEVER sleep this late! But wait – it’s not that late according to what the body says, it’s only 7am on the west coast --- and so goes my day, a bit behind, but hopefully more well rested and able to tackle all that lays before me today!

This “Zooming by” picture was taken as I leaned back over the seat, catching it quickly through the back passenger window --- it’s the classic LAX of the Los Angeles airport. I’ve seen it so many times in movies and TV shows ----Love seeing this photo with the tail of the plane visible too!

glendaleCA2012 269

I took this photo out one of the long windows as I walked the corridors of LAX before boarding my flight. Doesn’t it just look…..okay, like maybe the JETSONS should live there? LOL!

So as I put my life back together here, I’m sure there will be more California pictures to come. The ones I really wish I could post never got taken……because my PHONE had to be off while we took off, and that view of the California coast as we crossed out over the ocean, and then turned to come back toward land to head east was just BEAUTIFUL. But they are all in my mind because “All electronic devices with an on/off switch must be completely in the OFF position during take off and landing, NOT just in airplane mode.” And I was a good girl this time, honestly, I was!

glendaleCA2012 008

This was my night glimpse of downtown LA as we drove from the airport toward Burbank and to my hotel that first night ---I love night time cityscapes! Again, not easy to get good photos from speeding vehicles, but I’m gonna try anyway!

glendaleCA2012 265

How different things look in the daylight! OOOOOooooo – PALM TREES! I love seeing their rounded fluffy tops above long tall trunks just dotting the roadways. The very round tall building on the far left in the above photo….is the closest one on the far right in the night photo above –the one with the blue lights.

glendaleCA2012 266

And this my friends….is the beautiful blue sky above urban sprawl as we neared the airport…can you see the buildings of downtown far off in the distance in front of the mountains? What a beautiful blue sky to fly out in ---dang, I sure wish I could have gotten pictures of that coast line!

So I’m back on the treadmill of getting things back NORMAL. Oh the to-do list is so long, but I’ll tackle one thing at a time. Book orders of course, those are #1, and then the FUN PART – the graphics are all in for the next book and I get to go through those and make sure that they are all what I want. They are due back on Thursday, so I’ve got today and tomorrow to get through those ----the timing works perfect.

I added about 100 hexies to the hexie project this trip – not as much as I hoped, but my eyes were tired at the end of each day and I just couldn’t bring myself to do more --- photos of that to come!

And with that I’ll send this off and get the day going ---

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!


  1. I had no idea that you knew the word "sleep"!!!! Congrats on the upcoming book!

  2. I think it does get harder to adjust to time changes as we ourselves age. There are nutrients to help with that, but I don't keep up with them now that I don't travel across time zones. I do know that to get to sleep sooner, melatonin works. Also, a tea made of lemon balm (I buy loose herbs) and green tea is very relaxing--and de-stressing as well.
    That said, I absolutely detest the change to daylight savings time coming at the beginning of March instead of the third weekend in April! I do not like having to leave for work in the dark!

    I hope you adjust quickly.

  3. My sister calls it "O Dark Thirty"... Sleeping in til 10 is allowed when you are a traveling Quilter! Happy Wednesday! It is heck getting old...

  4. Your day started better than mine, I thought it was Thursday. But since it wasn't I had to get up early to take my youngest to college. I must get her driving this summer.... Then I will be able to sleep in. Glad you are home safely. Your pictures make me miss the days when I lived on the West Coast.

  5. my daughter does a lot of coast to coast traveling and her secret is to get out and walk (fast pace) for an hour or two as soon as she lands, and makes sure she eats on the time zone she is in. works for her.

  6. Love the LAX photo and the Jetson house. *LOL* That was just what I was thinking before I read what you said about it. : )
    Good luck with your many projects as you adjust to your time zone--that is no fun.

  7. Gorgeous photos, and 100 hexies? Wow! That's a lot. I can imagine how you are feeling with the 3 hour time difference. My 5 year old is still trying to adjust to daylight savings time. Argh! ;)

  8. My husband and I travel a lot overseas and find the best remedy is to get outside in the sunshine. It is always harder when we return home because we are both inside madly trying to catch up with life.

  9. I get jet-lag just from visiting your blog!
    I find the older I get the longer it takes me to recover
    from traveling out of my time zone.

    Eat well, get some extra sleep and get outside that is what works for me :0)...most of the time.

    Happy Sewing and safe travels

  10. If you had to hazard a guess how many hexies would you say are in that project so far?

  11. I get the time change effects. I HATE when I change times. When I went to the west coast we were there for two weeks. I felt off the entire time. When we flew back my body clock went right back to normal!!! I'm such an east coast girl!!! Hope you adjust soon!

  12. What a luxury to be able to let your body adjust by sleeping until 10 am! When I go east and have to stay up an extra hour past normal, I get a headache. And I get tired just looking at your teaching schedule! Enjoy your week off.

  13. We live in Korea, and I have the hardest time making the time adjustment when we go back to the States. It's a 15 hour (or 14 depending on daylight savings) difference! Last time I kept waking up at 2:37am and could not get back to sleep. Fortunately is does not seem to bother my kids at all!

  14. Bonnie, don't forget about the change to Daylight Savings tine, also. That alone just kills me each year. My body just can't seem to handle the change.


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