Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Take a Flying Fish!

I’m sitting here at the Little Rock airport – waiting for my flight to get me BACK to Charlotte so I can fly to LA. I asked at the counter --- is there a shorter way to LA? Not if you are flying US air! Oh well….more hexie time!

One of the fun things about traveling to different areas is the opportunity for fun food. Arkansas did not disappoint!

Monday after our workshop was over, several of us headed into the River Market district to catch a bite to eat at the Flying Fish. Such a fun place full of local flavor!

littlerockAR_2012 057

I loved the shrimp guy holding the menu with the daily specials on it –Look at that guy – how can you not giggle?! Shrimp are one thing I love, but only love fully cooked and completely naked --- as in…..please don’t make me pull their legs off and peel them! They can be unbreaded, and cooked---stir fried, fricaseed, baked, broiled or boiled…..I just don’t want my food to be wearing FEET!

littlerockAR_2012 056

I loved the industrial style shelving holding all the condiments..such an array of colors and flavors!

littlerockAR_2012 053

There is something for everyone on a large over head menu board ---and the smells coming from the kitchen were delicious indeed!

littlerockAR_2012 052

While we stood in line we occupied our time by looking at the “Liar’s Wall” of fishy photos. Other d├ęcor? Every spare inch of the place was covered with those fake mounted singing BUBBA fish! LOL!

Ours however were luckily NOT singing. They batteries had LONG given out ---and patrons had proceeded to fill their little fishy mouths with things like packs of saltine crackers, straws, spoons….how funny!

littlerockAR_2012 058

We enjoyed our meal along side this open window…And yes, you are not looking at a very CLEAN window pane – it's open to the fresh air which was wonderful!

The highlight of our night, long after our belies were full was watching a whole bus load of bus tourists…yes, a real bus load ---walk down the street in search of their own eats. Many stopped to chat at our open window saying “oh that looks good, how is the food!?” I of course recognized the accents immediately – discovering that this was a whole bus of tourists from North Dakota and Minnesota, spending 11 days on the road touring the south!

From that moment on it was like old home week, and we started offering them the extra hush-puppies out of the window! LOL! You see, for Minnesotans, HUSHPUPPIES are a pair of SHOES. Not FOOD! Oh such fun!

If you didn’t know, hushpuppies are fried corn-bread balls --- completely bad for you and completely delicious

littlerockAR_2012 055!

Since my meal was already one color of fried golden brown --- I passed on the fried pies, but was sorely tempted when I saw it was served a la mode!

littlerockAR_2012 050

The outside of our open window….you won’t leave hungry, that’s a guarantee!

The next time you hear from me, I’ll be settling in in Southern California! Happy Wednesday everyone!


  1. glad you enjoyed Arkansas - next time I am at the River Market I will need to try the Flying Fish, I have not been there yet.

  2. Aside from seeing all the sites, you are getting a chance to sample local fare, which is awesome!!

  3. Oh too funny......all that tackiness under one roof and fried peas ala mode............yummy :0(.
    Safe travels and Happy Sewing

  4. Hey, I've been there! Cool!

  5. Anonymous1:28 PM EDT

    Happy Wednesday to you too Bonnie. I hope your trip to Ca. is uneventful and you arrive rested! lol I can never sleep on the plane. My whole family love shrimp. We have the little Maine shrimp here and we recently bought 150# for our freezers. Just snap off the heads and throw them in a bag. Easy, peezee. And yummy in a seafood chowda last night.

  6. Long ago, I attended quarterly meetings in Glendale. I remember that the smog was pretty fierce and that the Huntington Gardens and Library were nearby. If you have the time and interest, both the gardens and the art collection are fabulous. If you go, say hello to Pinky and Blue Boy for me ;-)

  7. I agree about the shrimp tails. I only want to touch the shrimp with a fork, no messy hands while eating (that's for crab legs). I got one of those singing fish my my son. I love to play it when I go in his room.

  8. it's not the shrimp feel I mind so much as the heads. can't stand my food looking at me

  9. If you ever get back to LR you need to check out "Larry's Pizza". It's very unique and delicious! I try to go there whenever I visit my kids........


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