Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pineapple Blossoms in Burbank!

Day 2 of the Glendale Quilt Show, held in the Marriott across the street from the Burbank Airport.

Towns and cities just blur together here, and it isn’t so obvious that if you go from this side of the street to another side of the street, you could just have left one city to find yourself in the next one.

However, the huge sign hanging on the SIDE of the Marriott hotel plainly says GLENDALE QUILT SHOW –even if we ARE in Burbank, and who am I to question it?!

THere is NO MISTAKE you are in the right place when you pull up and see the mobs and numbers of quilters that are gathering to see, to be inspired, to shop the vendors mall, to take classes, and to reunite with quilting friends they haven’t seen in person since LAST year’s show!

In Thursday’s Shirttails class, one of the students had the PRETTIEST pair of Chinese scissors – and said that she got them at another sewing expo somewhere ---I even took a picture of them, because I thought they were so nice.

Yesterday, two of our class members FOUND these same scissors in the vendors mall, and remembering I had told them about them and showed them a picture of them ((Gotta love the iphone camera!)) they picked me up a pair:

glendaleCA2012 110

These are so pretty ((oooooh SHINY!!)) they cut well, great for snipping threads, and other cutting, and they are dual user friendly, meaning lefties and righties alike can easily use them. And the best part? They were $6.75 a pair. A bargain! However, these are going to have to go home in the checked luggage –I don’t think TSA would let these slide in my carry on!

glendaleCA2012 106

In honor of our pineapple blossom class, Ginie gifted me this tiny pieced pineapple pin. SO PRECIOUS! I love small – but let me tell you, I’d never get through my crumb stash fast enough if I pieced THIS SMALL! Thank you Ginie!

I’ve found several quilters who are anxious to go on the Bali trip with me in August. We are going to have a GREAT GROUP! It’s kind of a no-brainer for people in this area to want to come because we fly directly out of LAX ----that trip is coming up sooner than I can believe it!

Have you ever wanted to go to Bail? Wouldn’t you want to come along with this fun crazy group of women (and hubbies) that we’ve pulled together so far? It’s going to be the trip of a life time --- so click HERE to check out the itinerary and seriously --- call or email the contact info on the flyer. Get more info. COME! ((Yes, I know this is a shameless plug, but it’s time to do all I can to help fill this trip, so you’ll have to just put up with me for a while longer on it. It’s BALI, Ya’ll!))

So let’s get this slide show going ---It was so fun to see these blocks come together and feel the excitement in the room!

We are HALF WAY done with my time here in California --- this too is flying so fast. Today it’s Star Struck ---and tomorrow….we finish it off with the Scrappy Mountain Majesties ---

If you are coming to the show, come stop in the Burbank room and give me a hello!


  1. Bonnie, they all look gorgeous! It also is ANOTHER of your patterns on my to do list!! Have fun, you'll be home before you know it.

  2. You are up early or your scheduled the blog for that time. Love the scissor and your pin is adorable. Enjoy I am singing the words from Neil Diamond, I AM I Said: "LA's fine - sunshine most the time- feeling is layback." Have a great St. Patrick's Day.

  3. It has been years since I've been to California, but the street signs used to change colors as you went from one suburb to another.

    Love the scissors. Will have to look for them in Paducah. Great class!

  4. started on my pineapple blossom quilt I'm making mine scrappy and I'm sewing up the little triangle for the border. love the pin and the scissors.

  5. I wish tht I could just once pass byt a slideshow. LOL It just makes my want to do list longer every time. Love those pineapples.

  6. Some beautiful pineapple blossoms coming together! This has been on my "to do" list for a while.
    Oh, if my ship came in I'd love to go to Bali!

  7. AWESOME Pinapples ladies!! love the color combinations!! Looking forward to viewing the mountains - it is up next in my bucket! :D

  8. Really need to get my stash leftover cut up to the appropriate sizes...then pineapple here I come.

  9. Anonymous11:36 AM EDT

    The black and brights is stunning! And I love the black and white! They all are wonderful! Hope you teach that at Quilters Dream Weekend in 2015. I'll have to talk to Yo next month about that.

    Kathy Marlowe

  10. Sounds like your trip is going well. Gotta love those California girls!!! ahem!

  11. Anonymous1:31 PM EDT

    Your slide shows help me a lot in deciding what fabric to use and where. There are so many options to choose from and it makes it easier for me to decide. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I am making a BH Pineapple quilt right now with white bg and batiks. But after seeing the black bg and brights, I know I will be making two of these quilts! How beautiful!!!!

  13. American Airlines let me carry my scissors on in my embroidery bag because they were small. I overheard the baggage check lady saying to the man checking them, they are ok, they are small. Don't know if you want to risk it but I have done it several times.

  14. Bonnie or someone else can you tell me which one of your books has the Pineapple Blossoms pattern in it. They are awesome.


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