Monday, March 05, 2012

iPhone-o-Gram! Rainy VA!!

A quick couple of glimpses of my drive. It's raining sideways because it is blowing so hard!

I'm hoping for some kind of overhang to pull up to tonight at the guild meeting for unloading bags of quilts and boxes of books!!

I've got about 7 miles left to drive---



  1. Anonymous3:14 PM EST

    It is cold and dreary here today. I was hoping to make it to the guild meeting tonight, but I will be there for the workshop on Wednesday. I'm cutting all of my pieces out and I'm so excited.

  2. Just a bit north of where you are there is snow... none sticking, but still snowing. Have a good time in Chesapeake Country.

  3. Anonymous4:01 PM EST

    Sorry, no overhang, but we should have lots of help. . .

  4. Anonymous5:00 PM EST

    Blast from the past! I lived in Portsmouth from 1980-1986. Freeway signs look the same! Joy in Ak

  5. I'll take the rain! We've had 18+ inches of HEAVY, WET snow since Friday night. No power, GI showers, melting snow for coffee, thankful for wood burning stoves. Yepper ... I'll take the rain!

  6. yep,i know right where those pics are at. I've driven that way many a time. Hope you brought along a coat as it will be cold tonight.

  7. Watch out for those Norfolk drivers--they're rude! I so recognize those signs--and I've only been to Virginia Beach once!

  8. I hope Bonnie, for your safety, that you were pulled over when you wrote this entry, and not texting while driving. We want you to live a long time and design many more beautiful quilts for us!


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