Wednesday, March 07, 2012

A Stay at Barclay Cottage!

From the first time I stayed in a Bed & Breakfast sometime around 1992 I thought that I would love to own one one day. I imagined that it would be the perfect place to showcase quilts, to fill walls and beds and tables and chairs and any other horizontal or vertical surface with quilts --- and heck once breakfast was done, the rest of the day would be “mine” and I could quilt the rest of the day away ---- for the rest of my life.

Funny how we get smarter with age, isn’t it? I know that running a B&B has to be much like running a dairy – and there is so much work that goes on behind the scenes.

This is my first time as a guest at Barclay Cottage, just as it is my first time in Virginia Beach, but I have to say that I feel like “one of the family” here. It’s been fun to chat with other guests at breakfast and getting the story of who they are, where they are from ---and everyone is so open and nice with each other. I know some people might not feel comfortable staying in a home with strangers, but this is right up my alley!

My day yesterday began with a morning guild meeting, followed by a lunch out --- a lunch that went late late late because we were having such a good time ---- and the rest of the day was mine to do what I wanted with it. I came home to take pictures!

Barclay Cottage was built as an Inn in 1895. It’s always been an inn, just as it still is one today!

vabch2012 035

The front hall boasts a beautiful staircase to guest rooms above, and a wonderful second story wrap around porch complete with rocking chairs pointed eastward to the waterfront. The shore is 2 blocks away. You can enjoy everything from that 2nd story balcony without getting sand in your knickers! There was a group doing wedding photos on the balcony yesterday so I didn’t get pics of that --- I’ll try to remember to later.

vabch2012 025

The upstairs landing is decorated with quilted heirlooms and other collectibles ----I had to look at each and every little thing!

vabch2012 028

From the dolly in the chair on her own applique quilt – that reminded me of the one my Grannie had ((that I was never allowed to play with!))

vabch2012 027

To the cute bears and pillows on top of another vintage quilt adorning the lid of a blanket trunk --

vabch2012 026

A collection of vintage books is on display --- don’t you love the cover of “Kiddie Farmers” ?

vabch2012 029

I peeked into the unoccupied rooms which are left open for guests to share in the other room’s d├ęcor themes…..blue and yellow are lovely for a beachy themed home!

vabch2012 030

The wall at the top of the stairs is a perfect spot for a family bow-tie quilt, and another applique hanging over the end railing ---

vabch2012 031

Another view of the cute bow ties. I like this….the ties are all solids, and the backgrounds are prints!

vabch2012 034

A downstairs bedroom has a nautical theme….I do love blue and white!

vabch2012 032

How about some rosy pinked softness? This time of day the light was coming through windows so things are a bit backlit, but I think you can get the idea! Each room also has it’s own attached bath.

And the best part of a Bed and Breakfast? BREAKFAST! Melon drizzed with raspberry sauce and artfully sliced strawberries –nut bread--- and the main dish of scrambled eggs, banana pecan pancakes and bacon. YUMMY!

vabch2012 036

This is my sweet little room on the ground floor. Come in and take a peek!

vabch2012 038

I’ve made myself right at home and unpacked my suitcase,putting my things in the antique dresser drawers. The door to my bathroom is right there --- and look over here:

vabch2012 037

A cute little empty secretary desk! But you know me – it doesn’t stay empty for long!

vabch2012 076

Yep, I’m ready to sew!! Let’s see if I can get some more of those Nearly Insane blocks done!

Today is a Pineapple Blossom workshop. I’ve got tonight to sew --- and I head home on Thursday!


  1. Anonymous7:48 AM EST

    Barclays looks like a wonderful place to lay your head down. I hope you have time to do just that.

  2. Anonymous7:51 AM EST

    Looks beautiful. Enjoy yourself and thanks for the tour. I am doing the Famers Wife (divorce style-LOL) and enjoying the larger 6' block. Those 4"ers are on the to do list.

  3. Wow I would love to stay there. All those beautiful quilts to look at. Enjoy your sewing.

  4. What fun, I've never been to a bed and breakfast before!

  5. What a beautiful B&B. Just like the one of our dreams.
    Such a relaxed atmosphere to end a busy day.

  6. Love a Bed and Breakfast! Thanks for the tour. It looks like you are very comfy there. Have a great day! Enjoy!

  7. What a lovely setting! The decor is beautiful, the food sounds delicious, what a great way to spend your down time when not teaching or lecturing. Sure beats a chain hotel!

  8. What a gorgeous b&b!!

  9. What a georgeous place to escape. I have to ask was it the Doll or the quilt your grandmother wouldn't let you play with?

  10. Thanks, Bonnie, for sharing all those pictures of the B&B. I would love to stay there if I ever get the VA Beach. I bet the food was great too.

  11. Great pics of a lovely B&B. Vintage is my favorite...in all things. Some of today's vintage was "modern" in my youth, lol. Love your blog Bonnie.

  12. DH and I love B&Bs. We "eloped", getting married in Williamsburg, VA and stayed at a B&B in the historic part. Got married in a gazebo on one of the plantations (it was 102 in the shade that July day). Drove out to Monticello (Jefferson's home) the next day. We felt like our families were there by staying at the B&B ... everyone was so nice. A beautiful memory....

  13. Bonnie, I am so enjoying traveling vicariously through you. Thanks so much, and enjoy- how could you not, such a beautiful place. Also, I just loved seeing the quilts from a couple of posts ago. Very inspiring.

  14. My husbands dream is to own a bed and breakfast, this one would be my choice!

  15. We stayed at a B&B after our wedding with lots of friends...very fun! Enjoy your time at Virginia Beach...I was stationed there many years ago!

  16. Is that a Shrley Temple doll? How gorgeous are those quilts? I think I could live there too!

  17. how fun!!! thanks for the tour. oh those quilts! betcha there are some neat antique shops nearby too. enjoy... :>)

  18. Anonymous4:14 PM EST

    We've driven by there many times, but until now had never seen the inside. Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed the workshop today and can't wait until my quilt is finished.

  19. Anonymous5:20 PM EST

    That's what I thought, too -- a Shirley Temple doll. My mother had one.

  20. I would be tempted to just sit on the second story balcony and kick up my feet--unless they are having more of that cosmetic sunshine! : )

  21. The quality of stay is so different than at a motel. We prefer B&Bs when traveling.

  22. Anonymous7:04 PM EST

    I love it! Such beautiful, comforting things! I've never stayed in a B&B either, and it sure looks fun! Enjoy!

  23. Now that makes me want to actually book a flight to the USA and stay awhile. I've stayed in a heap of B&Bs in the UK and Australia. Just love them.

  24. Anonymous11:04 PM EST

    Is that a Shirley Temple doll in the chair?

  25. Anonymous2:40 AM EST

    My laugh of the day... looks like the Queen of scraps got the plain white whole cloth quilt! Beautiful, just not Bonnie!!

  26. Anonymous8:22 AM EST

    Hey Bonnie, Love you machine on the secretary!!! what kind of light is that that you use?

  27. Oh Oh This place/those bedrooms are just soooo stinkin cute!

  28. Oh Bonnie !!! How wonderful to stay in a place live home and have someone else do the dishes, laundry, etc LOL..... This would be my dream vacation, stay at this B&B and sit and quilt all day.
    Thanks for the dream ;-)

  29. That is a lovely B&B. I stay in them whenever I can! So much more cozy than an impersonal hotel room.

  30. Oh, a Shirley Temple doll! I wanted one of those when I was little! What great shape she is in!


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