Friday, March 09, 2012

iPhone-o-Gram! Chiro Fun!

Remember the Valentines Day guessing game with the Hershey's kisses in the bud vase at the chiropractic office??

They are at it again! Only this time it's guess the coins :)

No, they are not chocolate!! I guess this makes them more low-cal? :c/

But I guessed any way. This place is such a hoot--do you think I'll win?



  1. The hat alone is worth a try!! : )

  2. Anonymous4:26 PM EST

    You can only win, if you enter, and you did! Good luck!


  3. Anonymous4:56 PM EST

    this is too cool! gotta love fun games! Hope you win Bonnie!
    Good luck!

  4. Fingers crossed that you win!

  5. Maybe they couldn't find "gelt" in this season. I was thrilled when I found some chocolate coins to send w/ my St. Patrick's Day stuff to the college kids I "spoil."

  6. Luck o'clock the Irish to ye! Wanted to let u know I visited Quilter's Attic, Goodlettsville TN near where I live for 1st time. They had your LE book so I bought it! Been wanting it so bad so took the opportunity ! We stopped to eat at Logans. Can hardly wait to get home to look at it!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Anonymous7:14 PM EST

    At first glance, I read the title as Churro (you know, the Mexican donut-like treat) fun. LOL!

    Sherri in Phoenix

  9. Off topic but Bonnie where is the link to your website home page from your blog? No biggie but sometimes I want to visit your website after reading your blog.

  10. Best 'o luck to ye! I hope you didn't sleep through your massage this time!


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