Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Come See Me in Glendale!

That’s Glendale, California ---- not Glendale, Arizona ----

This coming weekend is the Glendale Quilt Show! ((I'm saving my specially planned GREEN SHIRT for St Paddy's Day on Saturday!))

I got notice today that there are some last-minute openings in a couple of classes ---

If you’ve always wanted to take a class at a show ---but were afraid that classes required a certain skill level, or found the fact that a lot of classes ALSO require an expensive kit to participate --- never fear! These two classes do NOT require kits, can be made from scraps you have on hand, teach basic fun skills, and you get a LOT done during the class time with much to show for it.

I’d love to spend the day with you!

Click HERE to visit the guild show website! You can also download a show brochure HERE.

shirttails 007

Thurs, March 15: Shirttails!

Three traditional blocks combine in this top to challenge any quilter! We will be making 1/2 square triangles in 3 different sizes, and combining blocks of different sizes to make a scrap quilt with a primitive feel. *Note* Though the pattern in the book is written with regular rotary cutting instructions, I love to use my easy angle ruler for half square triangles, and the companion angle combined with the easy angle ruler for flying geese units. I will be demonstrating these rulers during class, so if you have always wanted to know how these work, bring them with you!

Don't worry about pre-cutting for this class-- I know Thursday doesn't give much prep time -- just bring a good selection of fabrics you want to work with and we can cut during class.

delmts 001_thumb[1]

Sunday, March 18: Scrappy Mountain Majesties!

A great quilt for using larger pieces of leftover fabrics! All of those “WHAT WAS I THINKING!” fabrics can find a place to shine in this super easy, super visual quilt. Students will bring pre-cut 8.5" squares in pairs of light/dark. Many layouts provide lots of options for this fun quilt!

I’d love to see this classes fill to full. What are you waiting for? If I can drag my carcass cross-country to come play --- you can come play too! You’ll be glad you did!

I’ve got to get a good night’s sleep tonight --- tomorrow is the crazy day I get to fly backwards from Little Rock Arkansas, to Charlotte, North Carolina – so I can catch a plane that flies me “Non-Stop” from Charlotte to Los Angeles ---Stupid way to route me, but hey, it’s hexie time again!


  1. Anonymous9:45 PM EDT

    Your links to the supply lists do not work. (might be hard to change while you are on the move but I thought I would try)
    Have a wonderful flight tomorrow,

  2. Anonymous9:58 PM EDT

    Wish you were heading my way. I would be in your class for sure.
    Safe trip and I look forward to the next time!

  3. Looking forward to Sunday's class. I'd love to learn how to use those rulers & do triangles in Thursday's class, but that might be too much. Oh, I'm so very tempted.

    1. Anonymous7:44 AM EDT

      Go for it Donna, a class with Bonnie any day is better than anything else you could plan. She is wonderful, and you will sooooo enjoy yourself!
      Faye in Maine

  4. ah, would that i could....(sigh)

  5. Anonymous11:00 PM EDT

    I would if I could! I'm waiting until September and see if I can crash two different guilds in Kentucky to come see you! I am thinking a week away from home to learn something from Bonnie Hunter would be fabulous!!!

  6. Mt Majesty supply list came up for me ok. Too bad it's sooooooooooooo far from So. TX to CA...otherwise I'd get into one of your classes!

  7. Hope you have a safe travel day! Wish I could come down... :-(

  8. I wonder why you aren't flying into Burbank (Bob Hope Airport) instead of LAX. The Glendale show is at a hotel adjacent to Burbank airport & LAX is clear across town. I'm not a member of the guild, but I hope they have nice transportation picking you up at LAX. I think they even have a flight (but not non stop) from Little Rock to Burbank & Burbank is a smaller friendlier airport.
    Hope tomorrow is an easy day of flights with no delays.

    1. Simple reason --- PRICE! It was over $200 more to fly into Burbank.

  9. Anonymous12:51 AM EDT

    Bonnie I can't wait to see you at the show. It has been 13 years since I last saw you in Idaho. It will be so much fun. See you saturday in class.

  10. Anonymous2:19 AM EDT

    I'd love to be there but you'll be 5 hours away and I'm still recovering from surgery. Maybe next time. :)

  11. I'd love to fill a space too, but other obligations have me staying in San Diego this weekend. Get your fill of palm trees. Sandi

  12. You must have corrected the links...they all work for me (wink)! Sandi

  13. I think that going backwards to Charlotte thing is like a slingshot effect, you go back, back, back, then ZING off to LA!


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