Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sew, Barbie, Sew!

See Barbie Sew!

She had a very squeaky “something” and I’m not sure if I caught it all, but I have oiled every moving part on her that requires oil, so I’m hoping with some use that she’ll get all that oil worked into every moveable part and lose her squeak!

But hey, if I was over 50 years old I’d probably be squeaking too.


I can’t find anything on her, even with a serial number. She does have the number “65” on her, right above where it says “push=o=matic” Wasn’t everyhing SOMETHING=O=MATIC back in those days? too fun! So is that 65 an actual clue or is it just ---because it was a cool number? I just love the word De Luxe! Indeed!

She is also a singer 15 clone --- threads just the same way my Blue Wizard does ---threading a side facing needle is not my favorite chore, but once she is threaded, it is happy sailing.

So what was Barbie’s first chore? How about we FINALLY get an inner border on Florabunda because I finally have an idea what to do….I’m aiming for a piano-key variation with 4 patches mixed in.

vintage machines 013

Here is her test with lavender thread ---just so show the stitches. PRETTY, huh?!

vintage machines 014

She did a great job…now I just gotta get all the other piano key parts cut and kitted up ---

But today is going to be a blur, and tomorrow I leave for Davenport, Iowa! My kitting time last evening was taken up with BBQ adventures at Lowes with DH. I might have to pack something else quick….like maybe my crumby paper piecing of the “Wild & Goosey” blocks. Something.

So what’s up for today? Remember last year’s Old Timey Day at Lewisville Elementary school?

Each spring the school does a Pioneer Day type of event, and the students get to try their hand at “Old Timey” activities that were a normal part of "every day life" back in the "Olden days" --such as butter churning, spinning, candle making, tin punch, and of course -- Quilting.

Karen is in charge of the quilting demos again this year and I volunteered she volunteered ME to help out! It will be fun. Only this year we will wimp out on doing the dress-up part. Karen’s friend has her outfit, and she can’t borrow it back. I have to go straight to the chiropractor after our Old Timey Day is over – and I am not going looking like a reject from the Little House on the Prairie extras set! We’ll still have fun though --

For those who asked about the dimensions of the wooden table, saying you have handy hubbies who would like to give it a shot --- I’ve taken a bunch of pictures to post later as a “semi-tutorial”. Really…I don’t know if this can be made without someone actually tracing it off, and I think you have to have a vintage singer-like machine to be able to get the screw bracket/braces to hold where they do – you’d have to measure them on a real machine to get the placement right – but if it can help someone ---there are enough people WANTING these that it could be a nice little pocket change idea for those guys.

I think the hardest part would be coming up with the hinge hardware – those are cannibalized from old sewing machine cases ---I don’t know if you can order those bulk or if there is a supplier, but someone might be able to come up with something.

Anyway – that’s up and coming. I decided it was easier to upload the pics nice and big in a post instead of trying to attach everything to several emails for everyone who wanted the info.

And with that, I’m headed out yonder ----I’ll be demo-ing hexies this year instead of being buried under a big quilt demo-ing hand quilting. I’ll bring a bunch of old-timey quilts with me, that’s one thing I’ve definitely got on hand here!

Happy Thursday, Everyone!


  1. Your day sounds really fun! I'll bet the kids have a great time.

  2. So glad to see you have some time to play with your "new" toy! Those are beautiful stitches. What I love is the crown and single chevron that mimics the Caddilac symbol. I bet the 65 is the year! Enjoy!

  3. Anonymous8:18 AM EDT

    I've got 3 sewing machines and a serger sitting on my tables here, but every time I see one of your pink and purple machines I think I can fit in just one more! Beautiful work!

  4. I just wanted to let you know that I TRIED to come down to Davenport to see you again, but no one ever got back to me. I hate that you are finally so close, and yet so far away :-) Have fun in Iowa!

  5. fun quilt and looks like you ARE having fun with your new "friend" have a good trip

  6. I really miss having a flat work table for sewing. I keep thinking I should steal my mom's old singer and cabinet back from my sister,s house, because she doesn't use it! It has an awesome buttonhole accessory, it goes forward, and backstitches. What more do you need.

  7. so the day begins....i do remember last years old timey post. wow another year. your florabunda looks great! my florabunda? oh, well its on the backburner. what? spring came early!! :>)

  8. Anonymous9:55 AM EDT

    absolutely love heariing about the sewing machines that you collect. great to hear that others have the need for these fantastic machiines. I love to pet the older machines and the newer ones as well. Just hearing a sewing machine purr brighttens my day. If I owned a quilt shop I would have someone sitting and sewing all of the time. Sewers love to watc others sew.

  9. Go, Barbie, go! So very cool to be sewing on a PINK machine!!!

    RE: my Florabunda
    Just have the binding to sew down this evening and I'm finished! It turned out lovely and I'm so pleased with it! A granddaughter will sleep under it next week (their spring break).

  10. Bonnie,

    Is there any chance you'd be willing to share your Wild & Goosey pattern? It is calling my name!

    So glad you, Marilyn and Barbie are united!

    Amy in KY

  11. looks like Push-O-Matic is the Brand name- http://pages.sewing-machine-manuals.com/173/PictPage/3923939812.html sounds like you have her figured out already.

  12. I love that you are working with the next generation of quilters - kids can be so creative with their crafts! Bonnie, I have looked and looked and I don't see whether you have a tutorial on how to best cut up a shirt for optimum use. Do you have one? Could you address this?

  13. Love your "new" machine. Can't wait to see your border for Floribunda. I'm almost to that point on mine and am puzzled at what to do.

  14. Don't you think you would just fit in to the menagerie at the chiropractor if you went "Old Timey"?
    Glad Barbie is sewing well. And glad Floribunda is getting some closure--I said "some". I know it isn't up for a finish right now. : )

  15. I think it is fitting that you named her Barbie, she looks like a Barbie.

    I have a question. I just received a box of 70's skirts from my auntie and I am expecting more. When you receive clothing items to be worked into quilts do you cut them down when you receive them or as you use them? My stack is building and by this Summer I am expecting 3 more boxes from my aunts. I love hand-me-downs!

  16. Anonymous8:03 PM EDT



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