Saturday, March 31, 2012

iPhone-o-Gram! Live from Moline!

We are quilting our brains out in Moline, IL---our class is being held at the "Garage" of the home of Kathrine Deere Butterworth, who was the daughter of John Deere, Tractor King!

We are working on the Smith Mountain Morning blocks---having a great time!

Do you recognize Kelli and Jo Kramer of Jo's Country Junction??? Fun to spend time together again!!



  1. Wow--that's some garage! I'm not going to share that picture with my husband!

  2. Ditto what Jay said......Wow baby that is some space!
    Looks like so much fun.........cold and dreary day here in NY...is that place heated too? How fun!
    It's fun to put a face to Jo, I visit her blog all the time :0).

    Happy sewing

  3. "some garage" what does the house looks like!!
    Back to the class, looks like you all are Deligentl to the task , can't wait for more pics

  4. WOW, was thinking the same thing!

  5. Looks more like a retreat center. have fun

  6. Anonymous6:51 PM EDT

    Fun! That garage looks bigger than my house! Jo and Kelli look like twins! I know they are mom and daughter.

  7. Anonymous6:55 PM EDT


  8. I'm sharing this with my son, otherwise he would not believe me...him being a John Deere fan and me a quilter!!!!

  9. Anonymous7:10 PM EDT

    I wanna garage like that!

    Jessica in Colorado

  10. Wow, I agree with the others, that is some garage. I would love it, but a car would probably never get inside! Looks like a fun day.


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