Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Evening Edition, Free Kindle/Nook Book!

I am facing 10 days of bliss being home! I fly to Iowa on the 30th ---you know what Iowa means? CULVERS CUSTARD! I’m ready – bring it on……

But for the next 10 days I have plans to clean this house top to bottom and empty out some neglected closets and drawers –MINMIZE, MINIMIZE, MINIMIZE! Spring always does this to me, I guess they call it Spring Cleaning for a reason, right?

I’ve got some things to list for the first Saturday in April’s Yard Sale Saturday – I know that is over Easter Weekend, but if they don’t move to someone else’s home in April, half my work will be done for the first Saturday in May!

But for this evening I’m gonna take it easy ---and I wanted to pass this freebie on to those Mystery Lovers amongst us who happen to love a heads up on a frree kindle and nook book.

I’ve gotten emails about how I find these --- the answer is simple. And I’ll repeat it again--- go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble and type in “free book” and tons of stuff comes up. Of course you’ll get titles like “how to manage your 401K” “Lets talk second mortgage” or “20 reasons to cremate or bury” and everything else in between. It takes time to read book descriptions and reviews to find something that sounds good enough for me to want to read it.

The way I look at it is this – if I find a freebie that I’d like to read, I figure someone else out there might want it to so I post it – no strings attached. And the reason I say “Grab it now!” is because what is free today might not be by tomorrow and I have no control over that. It is what it is!

Fever Moon (Main/UK), by Carolyn Haines, is free in the Kindle store and from Barnes & Noble.

Book Description:

Set in New Iberia, Louisiana, during World War II, Fever Moon begins when Deputy Raymond Thibodeaux discovers Adele Hebert covered in blood and hovering over the brutally eviscerated body of Henri Bastion, a wealthy plantation owner.

In the aftermath of the murder, Adele claims to be the loup-garou, a legendary Cajun shape-shifter that traditionally takes the shape of a wolf, and panic ensues in this small town that already has been living under the pressures of wartime rationing and poverty. Raymond is determined to restore order, but to do so he’ll have to prove that Adele isn’t a murderer or a monster.

In this dark and swirling literary thriller, Carolyn Haines tells the story of a town that is caught up in the frenzy of a murder and a killer who feeds its terror to suit his own purposes.

Get the free ebook from Barnes & Noble.


  1. Well, I for one just love to have you do all the work for me. I really enjoy the free books.

  2. I finished reading The Silence of Trees and it was VERY good! Thanks so much for recommending it!

  3. If you are going to be in the Quad Cities - check out Whitey's the best ice cream every!!! Their milkshakes are to die for - my very favorite - chocolate malt with snickers.

  4. Ten whole days at home? Wow--you might start to grow roots! : )

  5. I have a list...I Googled "free most popular books" and got a list of 100 most popular free books for my Kindle, as well as 100 $$ books....there is an update every hour....

  6. Anonymous12:32 AM EDT

    Hi Bonnie!
    It was such an honor to meet you in California last weekend. Thank you for the fantastic Pineapple Blossom class at the Glendale Quilt Show. I loved every minute! I've completed 16 blocks and can't wait to do more....
    Enjoy your precious time at home. You deserve it!
    Thank you again for all your expert teaching!
    Love, Darcy

  7. There is a Facebook Page called "Pixels of Ink" and they post free books a few times per week. And they post $1 books almost daily. I have found several excellent books via them.

    Just Another means of finding what you love...


  8. I love that you find books for us! It saves me time looking and I read things that I might not otherwise. Tomorrow I get to have a sew day with my friend Diane -- you sat next to her at dinner in Glendale. She was the NQA judge of the show. Small world, huh?


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