Friday, March 09, 2012

A Happy Friday Earworm!

I feel GOOD this morning! I’m filling book orders while laundry runs and I get ready for my appointment run around day --- books will be dropped at the post office on my way to the chiropractor.

I had my ipod on shuffle this morning….boy what a weird collection of music is on there. Something came on through the random shuffle that I hadn't heard in a LONG time and now I can’t get THIS out of my head!

But it’s a happy tune, and it takes me back to my high school days. Maybe it will put some happy pep in YOUR Friday too!

My Senior year of high school I worked for a place called H. Salt Fish n Chips. It was there I fell in love with hand battered onion rings, red cream soda, and ginger beer. We had a great working crew and we planned fun things on our days off. One of the things we did was go to an Abba concert ---- I know it was the cheap seats, because there WERE no seats, we were sitting on a blanket on the grass, but I’ll always remember that day – how the evening got dark, but it was still warm in September. The music, the night, the music, the friends --- the stars above.

I remember the red,white and blue polyester double knit sailor suit uniforms we had to wear, complete with sailor collars and red ties. And HATS. And how I'd ride the bus home, drop my shoes and clothes in the garage where the laundry was immediately because EVERYTHING smelled like fish fry oil.

But still -- those were good times!

Just random thoughts from the basement ----a whole life time ago.


  1. Did you see Mama Mia?! LOVE-LOVE the ABBA Music...have the CD. Brings back lots of memories, doesn't it?!

  2. Boy, that took me back. When my kids were young I bought an ABBA Greatest Hits CD so they could hear some real dancing music. They loved it! They would turn it up loud and dance all over the house and we would laugh so hard. Good times. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.
    (I had to wear an orange polyester culottes jumpsuit to work at my local Taco Time. Greasy smells just don't come out of polyester well.)

  3. Oh no you don't! I'm not gonna push that play button and get that song in my head too!
    I saw Mama Mia on Broadway, NYC and it took me months to stop hearing ABBA.
    I love how music can trigger so many memories, even though I am nearly a decade older than you ABBA holds a fun place for me too.
    I use to dance my babies around to it to get them to sleep :0)

    Happy Sewing, glad the tummy is back to normal.

  4. Anonymous10:48 AM EST

    My ex-husband's nickname in college was French Fry because he worked the fryers in the college cafeteria and smelled like them after his shift! :)

  5. Sounds like you've recovered from the food poisoning, especially if you can talk about food!! Glad you're doing better Love the story about your high school job!

  6. Anonymous11:32 AM EST

    Memories are the spice of LIFE and they keep ya going.
    Nice story. Glad you're feeling better.

  7. Good music, good times, good memories. So glad you feel better. Dance the day away!!!

  8. Music really takes us back.

    I think it is funny because my kids 3,7,9 all love ABBA. They will steal my ipod and the next thing I hear is Mamma Mia or Dancing Queen blasting through the earbuds.

  9. Oh Bonnie - not only good memories of Abba - but I loved H Salt Fish and Chips! They used to be all over the place here and was always my favorite place to go for fish and chips - still can't find one that is as good. Must've been that grease! LOL!

  10. Isn't it strange the memories that flood back whenever you hear a certain song or smell a certain odor or fragrance. There are a lot of memories locked in the brain just waiting to get out. Scary isn't it. Abba takes me back to my younger brother's wedding. We danced all night to Abba and the Rolling Stones. What a combination.
    gauen at mbc dot edu

  11. Oh, noooooooooooo. I wasn't going to read your post because I have chronic earworm-itis. But I did. Without even listening, it got locked into my peabrain, and will be there for days and days, I tell you. Argggggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!1


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