Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ever have one of THOSE days?! ((Free Kindle Book!))

Yep! It’s one of those! I’m still sitting here in Little Rock, 3 hours after my flight was supposed to leave ----

But you know how things come with a silver lining?

My original flight to Charlotte was delayed and delayed and delayed to the point that even if I COULD get to Charlotte, I’d never get out of Charlotte to get to Los Angeles tonight, because I’d miss the last available flight. OH NO!

Some very sweet explaining ((Make that PLEADING!)) as calmly and collectively as I could to a very cute young guy at the ticket counter --- ((You know you are old when anyone under 45 is cute and young!)) had him searching for alternative routes for me.

Everything was coming up empty until a few clicks and key strokes had him calling over to AMERICAN AIRLINES to see if they could route me through Dallas. Only issue? That flight doesn’t leave Little Rock until 3:30pm.

But not to worry ---my flight gets into LAX at 8pm, only ONE HOUR later than originally planned. I’ve called the show folks --- and I even found out that my class tomorrow doesn’t start til NOON --- so I even get a bit of sleep in time after all this travel craziness. Sometimes, the sun just shines --- you know?

So here I am with an extra hunk of time to hang around the airport. I’ve only been here since 9am. It’s now just past 1pm. I’ve got 2.5 hours to go----

And I’ve found a goodie to share with you!

Creola's Moonbeam, by Milam McGraw Propst, is free in the Kindle store.

Book Description:

Honey Butler has hit middle-age and writer's block at the same time. Off she heads to a Florida beach house to get her mojo back.

Her journey to renewal takes her back to memories of Creola, the wise woman who helped raise her; at the same time Honey is befriended by an Aunti Mame-ish neighbor who turns out to have the same wise world view as Creola.

The book description was very very short, so I went deeper into the reviews and this one helped me decide that it was a book worth a try:

Writer Honey Newberry knows that her eight weeks of writing belongs in the trash, which is what she does to her manuscript. Besides writer's block, Honey suffers from middle age despondency as she wonders who stole her youthful body and left behind an overweight corpse. Needing to get way, she flees her Atlanta suburban home for the beaches of Florida after `talking" with her beloved deceased black nanny Creola, who encourages her "Moonbeam" to rediscover herself.

In Florida the runaway meets free spirited senior citizen Beatrice, who reminds the beleaguered Honey of her cherished Creola.

Beatrice, like Creola, encourages Honey to ignore what others think and remain true to your self. As Beatrice mentors her on life with one adventurous caper after another, Honey reflects on her relationships with her spouse Beau, her sister Mary, and especially her beloved "Crellie" as she called Creola when she was a little girl and begins to remember what the blessing of life truly is.

CREOLA'S MOONBEAM is a deep look at an individual suffering from a middle age woman believing she has nothing left to offer to herself, her loved ones, or anyone for that matter since she seemingly lost her ability to write. Honey is a terrific protagonist as her woes and her life lessons make for a powerful insightful look at aging. With the combined teachings of Beatrice and Crellie, Moonbeam begins to learn that life is to enjoy as you only have one shot at it. Milam McGraw Probst provides a strong inspirational character study.

It sounds like a good read! And quite apropos for me right now. I can see you nodding in agreement with me -- I’m ready to dig into it..and also have plenty of time to work on hexies ----and edit the photos down from yesterday’s My Blue Heaven workshop so those will be ready to share tomorrow too ---

But first..LUNCH! I think a visit to the “Whole Hog CafĂ©” here at the airport is in order ---can’t leave Arkansas without some BBQ under my belt, can I?

Carry on --


  1. Really wish I was coming to meet you at the Glendale show but I'm working :-(
    Someday I hope to take a fun class with you and meet you in person! Something to look forward to :-)
    I'm glad your flights got re-arranged well. Happy BBQ and Stitching!

  2. I was wondering if you were going to get some BBQ while in Little Rock! It is a MUST! So sorry for all your travel troubles, but hopefully things will go smoothly from here on. Enjoy the rest of your day.

  3. Having been at the Little Airport numerous times I know how bored you must be - it is a small airport!! I have wandered the halls (make that hall) several times over the years and thankfully usually it is just because I am always early not late and so I usually have an hour to kill before my plane leaves at least if not 90 minutes. You should be getting some hexies done!

  4. that was suppose to say Little Rock airport - but it is little so I guess it doesn't make any difference in how I for got a word!

  5. This reminds me of my recent trip home from Seattle to Birmingham last Friday. About half-way to Houston, they informed us that the Houston airport was "completely shut down" due to a severe thunderstorm and heavy rain and that we might have to circle for an hour and be diverted to somewhere else. Thankfully, it opened in time for us to land at fairly near to our time. HOWEVER, the airport was in utter CHAOS!! Our departure was delayed considerably, and our gate was changed twice. You guessed it! No luggage when we arrived in Birmingham. On this full flight, it only had TWO suitcases.

  6. Anonymous3:41 PM EDT

    Be careful, that Arkansas BBQ might land above your belt! LOL!

    Sherri in Phoenix

  7. Anonymous3:43 PM EDT

    glad to see that you make the best of all situations.
    thanks for the kindle freebees.

  8. sunshine randall4:21 PM EDT

    Kind of sounds similar to what my Monday was like. I carefully cut out the pieces for a jacket for myself (to wear to upcoming wedding) only to find out that I wasn't careful enough and now the jacket has two right fronts but zero left fronts. Of course, the print is only on one side so I can't use it anyway; I seriously did consider using it, though :(. Had to phone in an order for more fabric and hope that it matches.

  9. Sorry about your delays. We really appreciate your stopping in LR and hosting such wonderful workshops. Hope you enjoyed Whole Hog. It is my husband's favorite place. Have fun in California.

  10. Wish I had known earlier AND had the day off work. I would have driven up and kept you company (I only live 20 minutes away). It isn't a very exciting airport to get stuck in but it's worlds better than it used to be!

    1. Your positive attitude and cheerfulness are awesome! Hope the Whole Hog BBQ was great!
      Can't wait to meet you in class on Sunday & thank you so much for coming all the way out here for us.

  11. Last time I was in little rock I had to stay another night and take a 6am flight

  12. Poor Bonnie, at least you don't have to fly clear back to Charolotte. LOL Remeber you will also gain two more hours of daylight, sleep time. Enjoy your time in California.

  13. So sorry about your delay - however, good for us - THANK YOU for the Kindle book...Just reading the description is exactly how I have been feeling. Can't wait to read it!


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