Thursday, March 08, 2012

Evening Edition: Free Kindle Book!

Can you tell I have too much time on my hands this evening? And no sewing in those hands either ----I’m on the couch, under a quilt, playing with my new kindle fire.

I just found this freebie and wanted to pass it on. And just for curiosity’s sake I checked --- I haven’t posted any freebies since Monday.

I figure I can stay here in my recliner and edit down the photos on my laptop from yesterday’s pineapple blossom workshop so those will be ready to go tomorrow.

Here’s this evening’s download for me:

Soul and Shadow by Susan J. McLeod is free today from the Amazon Kindle store, and has received an average user rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars based on 31 customer reviews.

Category: Mystery

Book Description:

In ancient Egypt, a young priestess of the goddess Hathor is laid to rest in a beautiful tomb with everything she needs for her journey into the afterlife…

Three thousand years later, archaeologist Ursula Allingham discovers the mummy of Amisihathor and is confronted by a mystery. Is the man buried with the priestess really her husband? Or was she actually in love with a scribe called Kamenwati and separated from him in life as well as death?

To answer these questions, Dame Ursula turns to Egyptology student and artist Lily Evans, who reluctantly agrees to help. Lily learns that she is psychically linked to Amisihathor and experiences a strange, unsettling phenomenon—the memories and emotions of the Egyptian woman. Luckily, Lily has her beloved pet Cleocatra and her irrepressible friend Katy to keep her grounded in reality. Or so she hopes.

Dealing with the challenges of falling in love with Ursula’s grandson Kent, the reappearance of her ex-fiance Stephen and the demands of her mother and her boss Professor Briggs, Lily soon realizes she has taken on much more than she bargained for.

I usually don’t go for strange “phenomenon” kind of things ---- but I do admit to loving the Indiana Jones movies, and the Mummy movies too – so am I game for this? Yep!

Just be sure to double check it’s still free before clicking to purchase ---

Have a good night!


  1. I just bought a new Kindle Fire also! I'm waiting for my daughter to come home to help me set it all up. Can't wait to start downloading books!

  2. I had a DUH! moment yesterday. I can download Kindle books to my pc and read them there.

    I cannot believe it took me this long to figure it out.

  3. Thank you so much for the "free" kindle editions. I have enjoyed many of the books that you have listed on this site.


  4. Anonymous9:31 PM EST

    How do you read them so fast and have time to sew also?

  5. Anonymous9:41 PM EST

    I passed on that one today, but I've downloaded many of the free (or I'll splurge on a $.99 one) books you've posted. Not sure I'm going to like them all, but the price was right and I can always delete it if I don't like it!

  6. Anonymous10:11 PM EST

    Love my Kindle Fire:-) Can't wait to check out the books you recommend. Have fun!

  7. I've finish ALL the ones you've recommended so fat your batting 99% THANKS

  8. I've had my Kindle Fire since November and I love it! I use it to keep pix of my quilts. Thanks for all your Kindle posts! (Writing this on my Fire right now!

  9. Wow, this was the first time I got the book for free here in Europe as well! I regularely check, when you recommend a book and it sounds interesting to me. Usually it is full price in the German Amazon store, but not this time! Yipee!!! Thank you for the tip.

  10. I read this yesterday and really enjoyed it, thanks!


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